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Recovery is an integral part of bringing health into fitness, and infrared technology provides us with yet another tool for our ‘recovery kit.’ Infrared sauna treatment provides a number of benefits for endurance athletes, including cell rejuvenation, increased circulation and decreased blood pressure. So, how does infrared technology work?




Aaron Zack is the co-founder and CEO of Sunlighten, the most effective infrared therapy on the market. The company was founded in 1999 by Jason Jeffers, Aaron’s brother-in-law. Jason’s life was transformed by infrared technology, and he was inspired to share its power to heal chronic illness with others. In 2002, Aaron and his wife, Connie, left their lucrative corporate jobs with Procter & Gamble to join Sunlighten. Soon after, the company patented the Solocarbon infrared technology that differentiates Sunlighten saunas from the rest of the industry.

Today, Aaron explains the technology that sets Sunlighten apart from other infrared saunas, describing the specific benefits of near, mid and far wavelengths. He offers the details of his Solo, Signature and mPulse models, sharing advice around optimal protocol and in-home installation. Listen in for Aaron’s insight on the future of infrared saunas and learn how the technology promotes wound healing, detoxification and even weight loss!

Topics Covered

[1:56] What Aaron does to stay fit and healthy

  • Important to success, productivity
  • Endurance training (Ironman Florida)
[5:03] What differentiates Sunlighten from other saunas

  • Different wavelengths provide different benefits
  • mPulse technology offers specific wavelengths
[6:08] The benefits of near, mid and far infrared

  • Near = cell rejuvenation, wound healing
  • Mid = passive cardio, weight loss
  • Far = increase circulation/core body temp, detoxification
[8:00] The difference between infrared and traditional saunas

  • Infrared heats person directly (rather than air)
  • Lower temp of infrared facilitates pleasurable experience
  • 40-minute treatments for ‘performance over time’
[11:18] Sunlighten’s mPulse model

  • Three distinctively different wavelengths
  • 99% of heat coming into body (Solocarbon)
[13:49] Sunlighten’s other products

  • Signature and Solo just far infrared
  • 95% effective
[14:57] Aaron’s advice around optimal protocol

  • Depends on individual, goals
  • Recommends 40-minute treatments for gen pop
  • Impulse custom setting 130° for first-time users
[19:13] Aaron’s insight around in-home installation

  • Requires dedicated outlet, 4X4 space
  • Uses only 1800 watts of electricity
  • Solo unit appropriate for small apartments
[22:27] The future of infrared sauna technology

  • Convenience, more benefits in less time
  • Make consumer’s life easier

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  • Reply

    Thank you for all the background info on the sauna.
    I actually have one here at home but I don’t use it anywhere near enough!
    When I do, however, I always find that I feel so much more healthier and relaxed.
    Recently I tore my calf leg muscles and ended up having to walk with a walking stick.
    Using the sauna 2/3 times a week for a couple of weeks has, I am sure, helped with the healing process.
    Just love sitting, relaxing and listening to calming music usually, sometimes I read but most times I just sit and relax and let all the cares in my world just dissipate.
    To anyone thinking of investing in a Sunlighten Sauna, I say, “Do so, you won’t regret the decision” Cheers, Marylyn

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