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Most endurance athletes are familiar with the concept of mobility as the body’s ability to move with control in its available range of motion. Yet many of us make the mistake of separating our mobility work from our strength training. How can we evaluate our current ability level and prevent injury by pairing the two together in an intelligent way?




Travis Jewett is a strength coach and chiropractor in Northwest Iowa who incorporates the principles of strength and conditioning into his clinical work, addressing the source of his clients’ pain and helping them create better movement. He is a sought-after lecturer with MobilityWOD, giving talks worldwide on athlete assessment, biomechanics and self-care. Travis is StrongFirst-certified in barbells and kettlebells, and he is a CrossFit L1.

Today, Travis explains how his approach to strength and conditioning has changed over the years. He discusses the role of a traditional chiropractor and describes how his practice differs from your average practitioner. Travis offers insight around patients suffering from back pain, sharing his take on non-incident related pain and the high prevalence of back injury. Listen in for Travis’ advice on pairing strength training with mobility work and learn how to do a self-assessment of your current abilities!

Topics Covered

[1:21] How Travis’ approach has evolved over the years

  • Simpler approach, very basic strength and conditioning
  • One move executed well more effective than several
[4:00] How Travis is different from a traditional chiropractor

  • Opportunity to improve position/firing of muscles and joints
  • Incorporate strength and conditioning to create better movement
[6:33] Travis’ experience with patients prescribed back surgery

  • May still be in pain after due to limited movement
  • May not need surgery, can get pain to manageable level
[7:48] Why most patients with back pain can’t point to a specific incident

  • Spine has shearing moment (i.e.: pick up laundry)
  • Brain interprets as threat and locks up spine
[10:11] Travis’ take on the high incidence of back injuries

  • Patients who do manual labor come in less often for specific injury
  • Less active patients have non-incident related back pain
[12:15] Travis’ inspiration for writing Dad Strong and Unf*ck Yourself

  • Resource for maximizing potential through strength training
  • Inspire dads to take care of selves, feel strong and capable
[17:28] Travis’ insight on treating the whole patient

  • Patient listed Afghanistan as ‘injury of origin’
  • Unpack mental hurdles as well as physical pain
[21:02] Travis’ advice around pairing mobility work with strength training

  • Kettlebell or dumbbells, body weight and MobilityWOD
  • Expose to all positions, self-assess current abilities
[24:06] The definition of mobility

  • Ability to control available range of motion

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