Get Grounded (Literally!) & Improve Your Health—with Clint Ober of Earth FX – EP131

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Over time, we have lost contact with the Earth—literally. We wear shoes with rubber soles that prevent us from connecting with the ground, and that disconnection may be the cause of many of our modern health issues. So, how does grounding work to make our bodies’ surface charge align with that of the Earth? How does that realignment mitigate health problems like inflammation and chronic pain? And what can we do to get grounded today?




Clint Ober is the CEO of Earth FX, Inc., a research and development company that investigates the health benefits of grounding and develops innovative indoor grounding products. More importantly, he is the initiator of the Grounding Movement, an international crusade to shed our shoes and reconnect electrically to the surface of the Earth. In the last two decades, Clint has supported 20-plus research studies that collectively demonstrate how grounding reduces inflammation and promotes the normal functioning of our body systems.

On this episode, Clint joins us to explain how he discovered the health benefits of grounding and discuss the study that demonstrated why contact with the Earth is more critical than reducing EMFs. He describes how grounding improved his own sleep and eliminated his chronic pain, offering insight around why you can’t have inflammation if you’re grounded. Listen in to find out what you can do to get grounded and learn how the practice benefits us as athletes!

Topics Covered

[1:52] How Clint discovered grounding

  • 30 years in communications, building out cable systems
  • Look at life differently after major health issue in 1994
  • Sense that loss of contact with earth impacts health
[8:42] Grounding vs. EMFs and magnetic fields

  • First study measured electric fields in homes
  • 30 received grounding mat and 30 did not
  • Grounding = key to reducing inflammation
  • EMFs < important than contact with Earth
[18:38] How grounding improved Clint’s personal health

  • Able to sleep as long as grounded
  • Significant reduction in chronic pain
  • Grounding prevents inflammation
[29:05] Why you can’t have inflammation if you’re grounded

  • Animals in wild don’t suffer from health disorders
  • Excess radicals absorbed instantly by Earth’s electrons
[34:41] What you can do to get grounded

[41:44] Where to get grounded outside

  • Bare Earth, grass or concrete
  • Sand and saltwater
[44:12] How to find grounding shoes

[48:57] The benefits of grounding for athletes

  • 30 minutes after exercise dissipates red blood cells
  • Develop little/no inflammation + prevent muscle soreness

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