What’s Hijacking Your Health & Happiness?—with Dr. Brian Brown – EP134

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There’s a direct correlation between health and happiness. Any yet, traditional medicine treats our unhappiness with antidepressants. The medical community manages symptoms of anxiety and depression with drugs—rather than taking the time to find the root cause of our health issues. So, what can we do to stop poor health from hijacking our happiness?




Dr. Brian Brown is the peak longevity strategist behind The Optimal CEO, a functional medicine practice that helps high-level entrepreneurs, influencers and CEOs achieve optimal health. He works with clients to develop a custom wellness plan, supporting them in resolving hidden imbalances and achieving peak performance.

On this episode of Ali Fitness, Dr. Brown joins us to discuss his transition from psychiatry to functional medicine, walking us through his personal wellness journey and exploring the connection between poor health and depression. He describes the differences between traditional and functional medicine, sharing his approach to finding root causes and discussing who is a good candidate to work with his clinic. Dr. Brown also weighs in on weight loss, hydration, and the controversy around hypothyroidism. Listen in for insight into how health is hijacking our happiness and learn what you can do TODAY to optimize for longevity!

Topics Covered

[1:03] Dr. Brown’s transition from psychiatry to functional medicine

  • 16-year struggle with depression (9 different antidepressants)
  • Professional training treated symptoms, not root cause
[4:20] Dr. Brown’s approach to finding the root cause

  • 2-hour initial consult and hour-long follow-up visit
  • Review medical history, diagnostic test results
[6:47] Dr. Brown’s personal process for improving his health

  • Deal with Hashimoto’s and hormonal imbalance first
  • Address gut health and adrenals, NeuroGenomic testing
  • Mood improved as other health issues resolved
[12:15] The direct correlation between health and depression

  • Cut back on antidepressants as health improved
  • Eliminated need for antidepressants in 3 years
[15:51] The root cause of Dr. Brown’s health issues

  • Endured night terrors since electrocution at age 5
  • Monitor revealed damage, heart stopping 3X/night
  • Body dumping adrenaline to jumpstart heart
[19:26] Dr. Brown’s insight around the value of hydration

  • 3L for women, 4L for men every day
  • Improves depression, anxiety and sleep
[22:31] How Dr. Brown lost 150 pounds

  • Patience in process (slow, gradual steps down)
  • Insulin regulation = root of weight management
[25:00] Who is a good fit for Dr. Brown’s clinic

  • Autoimmune conditions, thyroid or hormone imbalances
  • High performers with brain fog and/or fatigue
  • Patients who want to transition off antidepressants
[29:00] The controversy around the thyroid

  • Standards for hypothyroidism raised in 2002
  • TSH from 3.5 to 5.0 (only market used to diagnose)
[35:49] How health is hijacking our happiness

  • Traditional approach leaves symptoms untreated (normal range)
  • Prescribed antidepressants because ‘all in your head’
[38:32] Dr. Brown’s top tip for Ali Fitness listeners

  • Take time to breathe

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