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You don’t have to be an elite athlete to understand stress. The fact is, we’re all dealing with performance demands and stressors—both physical and cognitive. What if there was a place designed specifically to support us in the recovery process, providing a calm, centered environment where we can heal?




Aaron Drogoszewski and Rick Richey are the founders of ReCover NYC, the city’s first Recovery Studio for everyday athletes. The facility provides the best technologies for recovering from both muscle fatigue and mental stress. Aaron has been a fitness professional since 1997, serving as a personal trainer and massage therapist while competing in Muay Thai kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu jitsu. Rick got his start in 2002, taking on roles as a personal trainer, training manager, massage therapist and subject-matter expert for educational videos. He also competes in Muay Thai and American Kickboxing. Rick and Aaron co-host the Omnia Fitness Podcast for #TeamEverlast.

Today, Aaron and Rick explain how they founded ReCover NYC to help the everyday athlete recover from life’s stressors. They discuss ReCover’s NuCalm restorative sleep treatment, CVAC decompression chamber, and Game Ready compression and cryotherapy unit, addressing the benefits as well as the science behind each modality. Listen in for Aaron and Rick’s insight on using ReCover to prepare for competition and learn how to the available technology can help you deal with physical or cognitive stress!

Topics Covered

[1:48] The inspiration for ReCover NYC

  • Athletes only as efficient as recovery program
  • Help everyday people recover from stressors
  • Provide research-based modalities
[6:37] Aaron & Rick’s approach to recovery

  • Identify inefficiencies created by stress
  • Pair with appropriate technologies
[8:33] ReCover NYC’s NuCalm treatment

  • Ease stress with restorative sleep
  • Take brainwaves from beta to pre-sleep
  • Shift from sympathetic to parasympathetic
  • Calm, centered and focused state
[14:10] The timeline of a NuCalm treatment

  • Average person to theta frequency in 20 min
  • More calm, focused for up to 3 days after
[19:26] ReCover NYC’s CVAC System

  • Decompression/recompression chamber
  • Increase VO2 max, utilize glucose better
  • Decrease chronic pain
  • Boost cognitive function, sleep quality
  • Facilitate recovery AND increase fitness
[24:15] The research around CVAC and VO2

  • Studies at Stanford, University of Hawaii
  • 5% increase in VO2 max
  • 40-minute sessions 3X/week
  • Start 8-10 weeks prior to event
[30:28] The ReCover services a marathon runner might use

  • CVAC package leading up to race
  • Game Ready unit (compression and cryotherapy)
[34:36] ReCover’s 3D body scan

  • Infrared light to take detailed photos
  • Estimate body fat, postural analysis
[36:21] The new technologies coming to ReCover

  • Whole-body cryotherapy
  • Iceless Game Ready unit (contrast bathing)

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