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Many endurance athletes use the keto diet to boost their energy and optimize performance. What if there was a supplement that could mimic what the body does in ketosis, allowing keto and non-keto athletes alike to reach their full potential? Ketone ester drinks serve as the fourth food group, helping both elite athletes and weekend warriors perform at their best. But not all ketone drinks are created equal…




Frank Llosa is the Founder and CEO of KetoneAid, a company that produces ketone-based dietary supplements to fuel the brain and improve athletic performance. In addition, Frank is a former Division I track athlete and wildly successful serial entrepreneur with a unique ability to find a way where others have failed. He adheres to a vegan ketogenic diet and incorporates biohacking to stay competitive in all areas of his life.

Today, Frank joins us to explain how he came to partner with Dr. Richard Veech and create KetoneAid. He describes how ketone esters impact athletes who are already on a keto diet versus non-keto athletes and shares cyclist Greg Henderson’s experience with the performance enhancing drink. Frank also addresses the differences between ketone salts and ketone esters, offering insight into what differentiates KetoneAid’s KE4 from the ketone ester made by HVMN—the only other reputable company on the market. Listen in for insight around how athletes might use KE4 to improve performance and enhance recovery.

Topics Covered

[1:04] Ali’s experience with KetoneAid

  • 3mL before bed, 40 extra minutes of deep sleep
  • Dose before workout gave strength + clarity
[9:11] Frank’s introduction to keto

  • Wife’s godfather Dr. Richard Veech of NIH
  • Join to work on drink mimics body after fasting
[20:08] How KetoneAid impacts keto vs. non-keto athletes

  • Keto athletes more sensitive, take less to improve performance
  • Non-keto athletes may take 3 to 4X for system to recognize fuel
  • Designed for non-keto athletes, microdose or dual fuel protocol
[28:01] The differences between ketone salts and ketone esters

  • Ketone salts made in China + body can only use half
  • Ketone esters 100% bioavailable, no massive salt load
[36:33] Greg Henderson’s experience with ketone esters

  • 10% watt increase and HRV recorded as if day off
  • Tour de France simulation study, ketone ester group 15% faster
[40:05] How KetoneAid’s KE4 differs from HVMN ketone esters

  • 25% less expensive and not acidic
  • Customized protocol by individual
[47:24] How athletes might use KE4 from day-to-day

  • Don’t take for first time on game day
  • 5mL for women, up to 15mL for men
  • Take daily before or after workout
[51:08] The downside of taking ketone ester

  • Too much can drop blood sugar, cause insulin-like response
  • Reduce dose if feel flat, hungry or sleepy
[53:52] Anecdotal evidence of CEOs using ketone ester

  • Above average days, very high sales numbers
  • Cumulative effect but less profound impact as baseline rises
[58:00] Frank’s final tips around using KetoneAid KE4

  • Don’t mix ketone ester with MCT oil
  • Take much smaller amounts 5X/day if doing multi-day fast

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