Addressing Chronic Disease Via Collaborative Practice with Chris Kresser – EP078

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We are suffering from the worst chronic disease problem the world has ever seen, and traditional medicine is not set up to address the issue. In fact, a full 50% of Americans are dealing with at least one chronic disease right now, and by 2030, healthcare spending to treat chronic disease is projected to hit a mind-bending $47 trillion. Chris Kresser is on a mission to address chronic disease by way of a collaborative practice model that affords patients a healthcare team consisting of a general practitioner as well as a health coach, personal trainer, counselor, etc.—all working together to prevent chronic disease before it starts.




Chris is a global authority in the realm of ancestral health, Paleo nutrition and functional medicine. His website is among the top 25 natural health sites in the world, and he was recently named one of the 100 most influential people in health and fitness by Greatlist. Chris is also the founder of the Kresser Institute, a functional medicine training platform that offers practitioners the best tools for preventing and reversing modern chronic illness. He is the author of the New York Times bestseller The Paleo Cure, and his new book, Unconventional Medicine, presents a three-step plan to reinvent healthcare and reverse chronic disease.

Today, Chris shares the collaborative practice model and offers insight around how the healthcare paradigm is already shifting. He explains how to identify a qualified health coach, who else might be involved in a healthcare team, and how the Kresser Institute is promoting the collaborative model. Listen in for Chris’ insight on managing your stress to prevent elevated blood sugar and learn how technology addiction impacts health outcomes!

Topics Covered

[1:09] The impetus for Unconventional Medicine

  • Experiencing worst chronic disease epidemic world has ever seen
  • Traditional medicine not set up to address chronic disease
[2:26] The collaborative practice model

  • Leverage team for the prevention of chronic disease
  • Health coach, personal trainer covered by insurance
[5:36] How the healthcare paradigm is already shifting

  • Cost of treating chronic disease will bankrupt system
  • People providing care financially responsible for results
[9:50] How to become a Citizen Activist

  • Share practitioner training program info with doctor
  • Get involved through resources at Share Your Story
[11:55] How to identify a qualified health coach

  • Lack of clearly defined standards
  • Look for top training program certifications
  • Utilize ICHWC criteria
[15:04] How Chris is promoting the collaborative practice model

  • Train practitioners with same framework
  • Provides continuity of care, consistent messaging
  • Networking events and ADAPT Academy forum
[18:31] Who might be involved in a healthcare team

  • Physical therapist and body workers
  • Psychologist, counselor or therapist
[20:00] The ADAPT approach to health coach training

  • Trust, rapport and communication
  • Serve as guide or facilitator (client as change agent)
  • Positive psychology, motivational interviewing
[21:42] The potential reasons for elevated fasting insulin

  • High cortisol levels due to chronic stress
  • Gut infections, heavy metal toxicity or overweight
  • ‘Dawn effect’ (may go down later in day)
[29:06] Chris’ advice around managing your stress

  • Break into small, actionable steps (shrinking the change)
  • 8 hours of sleep, track HRV and say ‘no’ more often
  • Practice mindfulness for improved quality of life
[32:12] Why perimenopausal women gain weight

  • Hormone production shifts from ovaries to adrenal glands
  • HPA axis and adrenals determine ease of transition
  • Cortisol production, declining levels of estrogen/progesterone
  • Try herbs first, bioidentical hormone replacement as last resort
[36:06] Why low carb diets may not be the best option for women

  • Key physiological differences between men and women
  • Keto, low carb and IF may act on body as stressor
  • HPA axis dysfunction may lead to rebound weight gain
[42:40] Chris’ insight on technology addiction

  • Real, significant health impacts
  • More intentional with decisions on tech use

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