The Future of Health Is in Sleep—with Tara Youngblood of Chili Technology – EP125

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Do you struggle to sleep through the night? How does that impact your health? Nighttime is when our bodies heal and recover. It’s when we flush out the stressors of the day. So, what can we do to enhance our natural sleep cycles and get the full benefit of a good night’s sleep?




Tara Youngblood is the Cofounder and Chief Scientist at Chili Technology, a company dedicated to the development of temperature-controlled sleep products. Since launching the ChiliPad in 2007, Tara has spent more than 10,000 hours studying the science of sleep. She authored the leading white paper exploring the benefits of cold therapy during sleep and is a highly-regarded international speaker on the topic. Tara leverages her background in physics and engineering to help shape the future of sleep-driven health, working to make sleep both easy and drug-free.

Today, Tara joins us to share the Chili Technology origin story and explain how the ChiliPad and OOLER products work. She explains the science behind core body temperature and quality sleep, citing Jerome Siegel’s research on hunter-gatherers, and walks us through the health benefits of using cold therapy while we sleep. Tara also discusses why the Chili team has elected not to make mattresses, pillows or cooling clothing, and she offers insight into the sleep cocoon she’s working on now. Listen in for Tara’s tips for getting optimal rest and learn why the future of health is in sleep!

Topics Covered

[2:00] How well Tara sleeps

  • Challenge with four boys, travel
  • Track sleep to make best of situation
[3:22] The Chili Technology origin story

  • Desire to be comfortable during sleep
  • Different temperature than husband
[5:03] How the ChiliPad works

  • Use water to cool or heat
  • Adjust temperature between 55° and 110°F
[5:54] How the OOLER differs from the ChiliPad

  • ChiliPad functions as thermostat for bed
  • Program OOLER to change temperature through night
[7:11] The patents Tara holds through Chili Technology

  • Many for structure of pad itself, how it functions
  • Two for using temperature to enhance sleep cycles
[9:29] Jerome Siegel’s work on hunter-gatherer sleep

  • Light AND temperature have impact on sleep
  • Circadian rhythms follow temperature profile
[10:57] Why Chili Technology doesn’t make mattresses

  • Lifespan doesn’t match technology
  • Pad allows for flexibility, individual preference
[13:11] Why you wake up less during the night with ChiliPad

  • Core body temp wants to drop 2° in middle of night
  • Body gets hot, wake up (sign that something wrong)
[15:56] The health benefits of using the ChiliPad

  • Overall healing effects
  • Manage stress, oxygenate blood
  • Improve metabolism + circulation
[18:44] Why the future of health is in sleep

  • Stress flushed out by sleep
  • Autoimmune, chronic pain treatments at night
[21:07] What Tara is working on now

  • Reducing EMFs in bed while sleep
  • Protective cocoon as ideal space
[23:17] Chili Technology’s expansion

  • Europe and Australian markets
  • Subtle bed size differences, cords
[24:29] Why it’s difficult to create cooling clothing

  • Electronics tethered to body create EMF field
  • Need power to cool core (portability challenge)
[27:06] Why Chili Technology doesn’t make pillows

  • Core body temperature controls sleep switch
  • Want to push circulation back toward core
[29:29] Tara’s tips for getting optimal sleep

  • Outside before 9am to trigger circadian rhythm
  • Meditate + journal to manage stress
  • Exercise and drink lots of water
  • Eat two hours before bed
  • Shut down electronics 30 minutes before bed
[33:01] Tara’s top tip for Ali Fitness listeners

  • Journey to better health starts with tiny habits

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