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Why are polarizing diets so successful?




Dr. Mike Roussell argues that the extremes speak to human nature, blaming our problems on a singular villain and offering us a simple solution. And when we buy-in and follow the guidelines consistently, we get results—even if the diet in question doesn’t provide us with optimal nutrition. But Dr. Mike contends that we can make ANY diet work, provided that we apply his six pillars of nutrition.

Dr. Mike Roussell is the founder of Naked Nutrition, a consulting firm that translates nutritional research into actionable advice clients can use to ensure permanent weight loss and long-lasting health. Dr. Mike holds a degree in biochemistry and a doctorate in nutrition from Pennsylvania State University, and his consulting experience includes pharmaceutical and food companies, medical schools, top-rated fitness facilities, professional athletes and individual clients. His research has been published in the prestigious American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, and he is a well-known speaker and author in the area of health, nutrition and performance.

Today, Dr. Mike shares his personal health and fitness journey, including his current goals and training practice. He shares insight around caffeine, amino acids, carbs and protein, explaining how he developed his unique approach to nutrition. Dr. Mike also discusses the idea behind his MetaShred diet and his advice regarding the most valuable supplements. Listen in to understand Dr. Mike’s six pillars of nutrition and how they can be applied to any diet as well as his take on the keys to success in reaching your fitness and nutrition goals!

Topics Covered

[1:48] Dr. Mike’s personal health and fitness journey

  • Grew up in rural Vermont, very active
  • Blew out knee, got into weight lifting
  • ‘Allergic to authority,’ quit medical school
  • Penn State for PhD in nutrition
  • Nutrition consulting business to support family
[6:52] Dr. Mike’s fitness regime

  • Trains out of garage
  • Weights three days/week
  • Cardio three days/week
  • 60- to 90-minute low intensity cardio for recovery
  • Ten minutes of mobility before every session
[10:10] Dr. Mike’s fitness goals

  • Overall fitness (i.e.: lift heavy weights, run three miles)
  • Embody fitness life he writes, talks about
[11:48] Dr. Mike’s pre-/post-workout nutrition

  • Coffee, no food before training in a.m.
  • BeetElite 30 minutes before workout for nitrates
  • Ten grams of branched-chain amino acid right after
  • Breakfast 30 minutes post-workout
[15:42] Dr. Mike’s take on caffeine before training

  • Some research suggests improved performance
  • Habituate quickly, must use intermittently for benefit
  • TeaCrine supplement more effective
[18:13] Dr. Mike’s insight around amino acids

  • Branched-chain supplement causes spike in leucine levels
  • Whole food meal contains necessary variety of amino acids to support muscle building
[21:11] Dr. Mike’s insight on consuming carbs post-workout

  • Body’s ability to replenish glycogen stores very good right after exercise
  • Not a priority for average person
  • Helpful for athletes in intensive training cycles
[24:24] Dr. Mike’s insight on consuming protein post-workout

  • Eat 30 grams of protein 90 minutes before training to peak after workout
  • Another option is to drink protein shake directly after exercise
  • Training gives body increased capacity to build, repair muscle for 24 hours
  • Also need to eat protein at every meal throughout day
[25:50] How Dr. Mike developed his unique approach to nutrition

  • Life gets in the way of executing nutrition plan
  • Background in biochemistry gives ability to explain key principles
[28:30] Dr. Mike’s six pillars of nutrition

  1. Eat multiple meals per day
  2. Consume protein at every meal
  3. Consume fruits, vegetables at every meal
  4. Minimize overly processed foods, foods with added sugar
  5. Don’t drink calories (drink water, tea instead)
  6. Time carbs around activity levels
[32:54] Dr. Mike’s advice around avoiding popular diet overwhelm

  • View new research as small part of greater body of evidence (vs. definitive study)
  • Pick plan and put into play consistently, assess results
[39:09] Dr. Mike’s take on the keys to successful nutrition

  • Fewer processed foods with added sugar
  • Fiber-rich carbs and protein in every meal
[41:40] Mike’s take on using DNA results to drive nutrition

  • Skeptical of references used to justify claims
  • Blood sugar, glucose tolerance better barometer for carb intake
[43:09] The idea behind Dr. Mike’s MetaShred Diet

  • Optimize type and amount of calories, macronutrients
  • Lose weight and control appetite
  • Modular meal plan system for simple execution
  • Personalize to taste preferences
[45:59] Dr. Mike’s insight around supplements

  • Valuable when provide highly concentrated doses of certain nutrients
  • Vitamin D, fish oil, protein, magnesium, creatine, multivitamin and Cerevan
[50:39] Dr. Mike’s guidance around using creatine

  • Benefit when supersaturate muscles
  • Five grams five times/day for five days OR five grams after exercise every day
  • Micronized creatine monohydrate still best
[54:03] Dr. Mike’s best advice

  • Set global goal (e.g.: lose 20 lbs)
  • Set execution goals (e.g.: eat vegetables, protein at every meal)
  • Hold accountable on day-to-day basis

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