HIIT the Gym for Just 20 Minutes, 3X a Week—with Pamela Gold of HACKD Fitness – EP130

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So, you want to make a commitment to your long-term health, but your time to work out is limited. What if you could spend just 20 minutes at the gym three times a week—and be in the best shape of your life? According to Pamela Gold (and many other HIIT advocates), results like that ARE possible with the right combination of high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, and recovery.




Pamela Gold is the Founder of HACKD Fitness, a Manhattan studio dedicated to helping people be the strongest, most powerful version of themselves—in the most efficient way possible. After graduating from Yale University, Pamela was assistant to the CEO of Cosi and served as point person on the IPO in 2002. She left the workforce to become a mom in 2006 and developed a passion for physical fitness and wellness. But when Pamela returned to the corporate world, she had limited time to work out and turned to HIIT. Today, she works out less than 40 minutes a week and is in the best shape of life. Pamela relies on data to confirm what is working and what isn’t, and she shares the latest research, training protocols and technology through HACKD.

On this episode, Pamela joins us to explain how fitness became a point of focus in her life after having kids and share the steps she took to get healthy. She walks us through her shift from 4-hour to 20-minute workouts after returning to work, clearing up the misconceptions around HIIT. Pamela also weighs in on the equipment available at HACKD, from the CAR.O.L Bike to the ARX to recovery tools like the Joovv and NanoVi. Listen in for Pamela’s insight around the transformative power of breathwork and meditation—and learn her five pillars for unlocking your own unlimited inner strength!

Topics Covered

[1:57] How Pamela got into health and fitness

  • Active growing up on farm
  • Point of focus after having kids
[4:40] The steps Pamela took to get healthy

  • Started working with personal trainer
  • Began eating for nutrition density
[8:35] Pamela’s shift from 4-hour to 20-minute workouts

  • Less time once back to work running company
  • Learned about 10X Fitness on podcast
  • Pursued high-intensity interval training
[12:25] Pamela’s take on high-intensity interval training

  • Bursts of maximal exertion followed by rest
  • Wingate Protocol: 2 20-second sprints in 9-minute ride
  • Focus on cardiovascular fitness
[19:00] The CAR.O.L Bike protocol Pamela recommends

  • Wingate Protocol 3 times/week for long-term health and fitness
  • Fat burn setting for weight loss (8-second sprint, 12-second rest)
  • Assess recovery to avoid overstress of system
[23:54] The modes of recovery offered at HACKD

[28:37] How Pamela uses the ARX

  • Big 5: 10 seconds eccentric, 10 seconds concentric
  • Maximum effort for full 1:45 (5.5 reps) once/week
[34:43] Pamela’s approach to recovery from the ARX

  • Empower clients to trust themselves
  • Track HRV as marker with Oura Ring
  • Average person takes 4 to 8 days
[39:29] Case studies of client body composition changes

  • One client down 60 pounds with lifestyle alone
  • Another needed support from endocrinologist
  • Explore physical, mental and spiritual health
[42:36] Pamela’s 5 pillars of inner strength

  1. Gratitude
  2. Courage
  3. Compassion
  4. Surrender
  5. Curiosity/openness
[46:16] Pamela’s insight on breathwork + meditation

  • Source of personal transformation
  • Connection to higher consciousness
[50:59] What’s next for HACKD

  • Open new location, add breathwork as core offering
  • Spread empowerment + wisdom

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    Interesting topic, great podcast, informative, entertaining and educative.

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    Thanks so much for letting Clint talk. Joe Mercola interjected lots of interesting points but I love hearing Clint work through things because his logic is so grounded (sorry for the bad pun). How he got to where he is now is soooo fascinating as you said

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