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While only 5% of the population meets the criteria for binge eating disorder, 100% of us have eaten beyond our better judgement. In fact, the industrial food complex works to encourage overeating, hitting our pleasure buttons without providing the nutrition we need to feel satisfied. So, what can we do to get a handle on our cravings and develop the self-control to follow a healthy food plan?




Dr. Glenn Livingston is an esteemed psychologist and former CEO of a multimillion-dollar consulting firm serving the food industry. His work has appeared in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and on Bloomberg Radio, among many other media outlets. Glenn’s current venture, Never Binge Again, grew out of a personal 30-year struggle with binge eating—and a disillusionment with what traditional psychology had to offer in the way of treatment. His book, Never Binge Again, teaches readers techniques for overcoming food addiction and sticking to any food plan.

Today, Glenn joins us to share his story of food addiction and explain how understanding the reptilian brain helped him defend against overeating. He discusses the prevalence of binge eating disorder and offers tips for creating your own clearly defined rules around food. Listen in for Glenn’s insight on how Big Food and Big Advertising make it more difficult to stop overeating—and learn how to identify the authentic need behind your cravings and disempower the ‘inner pig’ who’s trying to steer you off track!

Topics Covered

[1:23] Glenn’s personal health and fitness journey

  • Serious binge eating problem for 30 years
  • Interfered with ability to be good psychologist
  • Efforts to ‘love himself thin’ did not work
  • Realized influence of Big Food, advertising
  • Began to understand reptilian brain (inner pig)
  • Developed system of rules to gain control
  • Logically disempowered voice of ‘inner pig’
[22:13] How often Glenn eats chocolate now

  • ‘Never’ easier than ‘sometimes’
[23:26] The prevalence of binge eating disorder

  • 5% of population meet diagnostic criteria for BED
  • Nearly everyone eats beyond best judgement
  • Never Binge Again offers techniques for control
[26:18] Glenn’s tips for developing impulse control around food

  • Get very clear on what rule is + create statement
  • Identify authentic need behind craving
  • Correct biological error (e.g.: banana-kale smoothie)
  • Remind self ‘feelings aren’t facts’
  • Listen carefully to inner pig and disempower
[31:11] The connection between dieting and overeating

  • Diet signals famine-possible environment
  • Hoard once sense food readily available
  • Solution = steady, reliable course of nutrition
[32:42] Physical vs. psychological causes of overeating

  • Focus on physical causes FIRST
  • Overload digestive system = analgesic effect

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