Morning Shakes & Toxic Beliefs

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I admit to occasionally grabbing a shake when my mornings are even more crazy than normal. And lunchtime is my busiest time of day so sometimes it’s just easier to eat a bar or a light lunch. But when the morning shakes start becoming more consistent and the lunches start becoming lighter or nonexistent, I now hear a siren going off. It’s an alarm that reminds me that my toxic nutritional beliefs are seeping back into my life.

Recognize Your Toxic Beliefs

What’s a toxic nutritional belief? For me, and so many others, it’s the belief that food makes me fat. It sounds ridiculous when I say it outloud but it was one of my biggest a-ha moments when I realized that it was true. For years we’ve been told that the golden ticket to weight loss (or at the very least, not gaining weight) was to work out more and eat less. So it made sense that if I didn’t eat much for breakfast and then was “good” and ate a light lunch, I wouldn’t gain weight.

Skipping meals or eating lightly early on turned into afternoon and evening binges. My body was screaming for food by 3 or 4 pm and I inevitably ended up eating four times the amount of food that I had denied myself earlier in the day. And because I had skimped on protein and good healthy fats, I was binging on sugar and carbs – and not the healthy kind of carbs. We’re talking cookies and chips, not sweet potatoes.

It also got me a broken metabolism and weight gain. When you deny yourself food, you’re basically telling your body that it’s on a desert island. In this scenario, food is scarce, and it better slow down and store anything eaten as fat just in case this is its last meal. When we eat less, we can end up holding onto weight, slowing down our metabolism. This results in the opposite of what we had hoped for.

Healing Within Reach

Healing starts with the realization of a problem. Taking time to make meals and sit down to eat them may not always be possible, but realizing why I’m doing this and what it’s doing to me certainly help change my path going forward. Am I skipping meals because I want to lose weight? If so, I’m going about things all wrong. Instead, the answer may actually be eating enough at meals. Include good quality protein, fats and carbs earlier in the day. This shows our bodies that food won’t be scarce, and we’ll take care of it as it does its job. The same goes for chronic stress by over-exercising, where we see the same results. Our body is programmed to eat, to be nourished, and to reserve energy stores for when it knows it won’t be fed.

If this sounds familiar, it’s time to reevaluate toxic food beliefs and move forward. Eat more nourishing food from the beginning. Then, by the end, your body isn’t screaming for sugar and other inflammatory, quick glucose fixes. They’re bound to happen when we aren’t nourishing ourselves throughout the day.

Eat breakfast. Eat nourishing proteins, fat, and vegetables, and eat enough until satiated. We want you to feel satisfied; for your body to not worry about when or if its next meal is coming.

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