Leveraging Quality CBD to Optimize Health—with Will Kleidon of Ojai Energetics – EP135

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For thousands and thousands of years, humans have consumed cannabis, leveraging its micronutrients to adapt to technological shifts. And then we abruptly pulled it out of our diets, just as our oxidative stress levels shot up. So, what can we do to counter this one-two punch to our collective health? How, exactly, do CBD and other compounds produced by the cannabis plant work to benefit our body systems? And what can we do to choose quality CBD products that actually work?




Will Kleidon is the Founder and CEO of Ojai Energetics, an ethics-driven health and wellness company based in California. Ojai Energetics seeks to bring ancient healing products to life by way of modern innovation, and it leads the world in producing vital natural organic supplements with water-soluble CBD to promote everyday health and healing. Will is a subject matter expert in the art, science and technology of the cannabis business, and his work has been featured in Forbes, Money and Entrepreneur Magazine, among many other media outlets.

On this episode of Ali Fitness, Will joins us to define CBD and explain the benefit of CBD-rich full spectrum complex over CBD in isolate. He speaks to the CBD product fillers we should avoid, describing what to look for in terms of third-party batch testing and certified organic ingredients. Will also shares how bioavailability differentiates Ojai Energetics products from others on the market and walks us through the laws around CBD in the US and abroad. Listen in for insight into how CBD fuels the endocannabinoid system and learn how it can support athletes in recovery!

Topics Covered

[2:05] The fundamentals of CBD

  • Compound produced by cannabis plant
  • Cannabis = super-vegetable fuels endocannabinoid system
[8:37] Why we focus on CBD over other known cannabinoids

  • Broadest profile of documented benefits
  • CBD-rich full spectrum complex better than CBD in isolate
[11:52] How to identify if a CBD product is full spectrum

  • Look at third-party analytics
  • More cannabinoids than CBD alone
[13:56] The CBD product fillers to avoid

  • MCT derived from hexane
  • Synthetic agents used to create encapsulation
  • TPGS (may be listed as vitamin E)
[16:01] What to look for in choosing CBD products

  • Lot # on bottle linked to third-party batch test
  • Certified organic label
[23:06] How cannabis impacts the body

  • Every system has endocannabinoid receptors
  • Fire at optimal levels, systems in harmony
[30:31] Choosing CBD products with the highest bioavailability

  • Effective dose = 500 mg daily
  • Encapsulation allows immediate uptake (only need 5 mg)
[31:59] How to test for bioavailability

  • Put in water, should go straight through vs. float
  • Avoid liposomal encapsulation
[37:19] What differentiates Ojai Energetics products

  • Feel effects of CBD in under minute
  • Body absorbs majority of CBD (not flushed out)
[40:35] Who would benefit from taking CBD

  • Humans evolved for millennia eating compound regularly
  • No one wouldn’t benefit from vital micronutrients
[42:52] The benefits of CBD for athletes

  • Sleep cycles regulated by endocannabinoid system
  • Decrease recovery time, inflammation
[45:24] Additional benefits of CBD

  • Increases neuroplasticity in brain
  • Support healthy digestive + cardiovascular system
  • Enhance skeletal, nervous and respiratory systems
[46:45] Ojai Energetics Full Spectrum CBD Sports Gel

  • Good for massage or use after workout
  • Versatile product with botanicals
[48:10] Will’s insight around CBD terpenes

  • Serve as tugboats, direct cannabinoids to payload sites
  • Bioactive through inhalation (wide variety of smells)
[54:34] The laws around CBD in the US and abroad

  • Hemp-derived cannabinoids below 0.3% legal in US
  • Bans in some states (South Dakota, Idaho and Iowa)
  • Australia only allows for medical use
  • In process in Singapore to allow in supplements

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