Unicorns in the Business of Fitness—with Mark Fisher – EP111

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Gyms don’t appeal to everyone. That’s why Mark Fisher Fitness isn’t a gym, it’s an Enchanted Ninja Clubhouse of Glory and Dreams. Famous for making fitness fun and inclusive, the studio delivers science-backed fitness strategies in a supportive environment. So, how do you build a successful business that balances the best practices of training with an unmatched customer service experience?




Mark Fisher is a sought-after international speaker and entrepreneur with an expertise in community-building, leadership development and positive organizational cultures. Mark and his business partner, Michael Keeler, founded Business for Unicorns in 2016, and their client roster includes Sony Music, the ACLU, and many of the leading fitness studios in the US and UK. Mark and Michael are also the cofounders of Mark Fisher Fitness, one of Men’s Health’s Top 20 Gyms in America. MFF has been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal, among many other publications, and the studio is known for its unprecedented growth and unique approach to community.

Today, Mark joins us to share his journey from the Broadway stage to the gym, explaining his aim to make the fitness experience entertaining and inclusive. He walks us through the services available at Mark Fisher Fitness, discussing his team’s emphasis on proper movement technique and complementary nutrition coaching. Mark also describes how the success of his studio led to the creation of Business for Unicorns and what courses and group coaching programs are available to entrepreneurs through the platform. Listen in for insight around Mark’s philosophy of 100% Belief, 0% Certainty—and learn how his off-beat approach to fitness and dedication to community has led to long-term success!

Topics Covered

[2:00] How Mark got into the health and fitness industry

  • Work out for aesthetic reasons (professional actor)
  • Passion for training surpassed love of acting
  • Deliver fun, inclusive experience in off-beat way
[7:28] Mark’s insight on extrinsic vs. intrinsic motivation

  • Nothing wrong with extrinsic motivation to look good
  • Intrinsic motivations more sustainable (i.e.: self-care)
[13:01] The services available at Mark Fisher Fitness

[17:31] Mark’s emphasis on teaching proper form

  • Ninja Baptism (culture, basic movement technique)
  • New ninjas stay in Ninja Essentials classes of 15 max
  • Coaches offer individual feedback + variations
[21:25] How MFF incorporates mobility with strength training

  • Soft tissue work + breathing techniques
  • Exploring idea of dedicated mobility class
[24:28] The impetus for Business for Unicorns

  • Success of MFF led to speaking opportunities
  • Started helping people with business informally
  • Balance of doing work + thinking about work
[29:46] The courses available through Business for Unicorns

  • 1- or 2-day live events with follow-up coaching
  • Topics not fitness specific (e.g.: customer service)
  • Unicorn Society private coaching group of fitness business owners
[34:35] Mark’s take on the opportunities for brick and mortar gyms

  • Overhead considerably higher than online space
  • Not going away, still demand for community/relationships
  • Opportunity for sophisticated operators with business chops
[40:40] Mark’s philosophy of 100% belief but 0% certainty

  • Belief necessary to take meaningful action
  • Uncertainty opens door for personal evolution

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