Toast to Better Health with a Glass of Natural Wine—with Todd White of Dry Farm Wines – EP107

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What do a daily meditation practice and a glass of soulful natural wine have in common? Both have the capacity to open your heart and help you connect with others. Both can be a spiritual practice. And both have the potential to better your health and wellbeing.




Todd White is the founder of Dry Farm Wines, one of the fastest growing companies in the US and the only health-focused, natural wine club in the world. Dry Farm is known for curating the finest sustainably-grown natural wines and lab testing for the highest standard of health, and Todd is known for helping people make better choices around food, nutrition and alcohol consumption. An advocate for micro-dosing, he is passionate about finding the best way to enjoy the benefits of moderate alcohol consumption while avoiding the health risks. Todd is also dedicated to cultivating his own health and wellness, and his priorities around fitness, nutrition and meditation inform the company culture at Dry Farm Wines.

Today, Todd joins us to share his personal habits in the realm of health and fitness, discussing his daily meditation practice and the benefits he experienced from transitioning to just one meal per day. He offers insight around the Dry Farm Wines company culture, sharing their philosophy of self-directed responsibility and their Peace & Profit Manifesto. Todd also reveals the truth about wine labeling in the US and makes the distinction among organic, biodynamic, natural and dry farming. Listen in to understand the health benefits of wine in very small doses and learn how wine can be a spiritual practice that brings more love into your life!

Topics Covered

[1:39] Todd’s personal habits around fitness and health

  • Daily meditation practice
  • High-intensity interval and resistance training
  • Keto diet, eat once daily at 6pm
[8:17] Todd’s experience transitioning to one meal per day

  • More energy, less decision fatigue
  • General feeling of wellbeing
[13:11] Todd’s reverse-elimination approach to supplements

  • More aware of feeling once body + mind clear
  • ‘To feel is to understand’
[14:59] Todd’s experience with NAD supplements

  • No discernible impact after two months
  • Likely anti-aging benefit, no negative side effects
[18:05] Todd’s other daily health practices

  • Breath work as part of daily meditation
  • Cold thermogenesis (central nervous system)
[23:28] The Dry Farm Wines company culture

  • Meet at 10am M-F to meditate together
  • Adhere to Peace and Profit Manifesto
[28:57] Dry Farm Wines’ philosophy of self-directed responsibility

  • Employees use judgement skills to govern selves
  • Unlimited paid time off, expenses based on respect
[30:58] The self-selecting staff at Dry Farm Wines

  • Learn about organization through health channels
  • Apply only if culture speaks to their values
[33:11] The truth about wine labeling in the US

  • Industry lobbied to keep contents label off bottle
  • Alcohol content not required by law to be accurate
[39:29] The difference between organic and biodynamic farming

  • Organic = grapes grown organically (no chemicals)
  • Biodynamic = natural preparations + harvest on lunar cycle
[48:27] How sugar gets into our wine

  • Sulfur dioxide introduced to kill native yeast
  • Stop fermentation process before complete
[52:12] The fundamentals of dry farming

  • Deep roots seek moisture + nutrients (no irrigation)
  • High in polyphenols, flavonoids and antioxidants
[55:19] How glyphosate gets into organic wine and beer

  • Overspray through win on wheat farms
  • Contaminated irrigation water in vineyards
[58:09] The distinction between organic and natural wine

  • Organic doesn’t necessarily mean healthy or pure
  • Natural wines not certified but no misrepresentation
[1:02:25] The truth about the health benefits of wine

  • Contact with skin gives red 4X more polyphenols
  • No scientific evidence that resveratrol extends life span
[1:07:12] How wine creates more love in our lives

  • Enhances creative expression, emotional availability
  • Human experience shows itself in beautiful way

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