The Magic of Stem Cell Therapy—with Dr. Michael Heim – EP118

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“There is some magic in these [stem cell] treatments. They are not cure-alls and they are not miracles, but I think once we really harness that power … it’s going to change medicine forever.”




Dr. Michael Heim is an osteopathic physician and president of Heim Regenerative Medicine Center, a full-service clinic based in Tampa, Florida, that offers cutting-edge treatments to optimize patient health and wellbeing. Dr. Mike specializes in primary care, regenerative medicine and anti-aging therapy, and he is board certified in family medicine, osteopathic manipulation and bariatric medicine. He is also a lifelong triathlete, completing 70-plus races over the course of his career, including the recent IRONMAN Florida Challenge.

Today, Dr. Mike joins us to provide an overview of the full spectrum of regenerative medicine and introduce the therapies offered at his clinic—prolotherapy, platelet-rich plasma and stem cell products. He shares the benefits of stem cell therapies in slowing down and reversing damage from injury and disease, describing his personal experience receiving this type of treatment. Listen in for insight on choosing a safe doctor and learn how regenerative therapies might benefit you!

Topics Covered

[1:49] The full spectrum of regenerative medicine

  • Foundation of nutrition, sleep and exercise
  • Balancing hormones
  • Aesthetic + advanced treatments (e.g.: stem cells)
[5:30] The therapies offered at Dr. Mike’s clinic

  • Prolotherapy
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)
  • Stem cell products
[8:32] The theory behind prolotherapy

  • Injury to ligament doesn’t heal (little blood flow)
  • Inject sugar water/saltwater to wake up immune system
[11:01] The benefits of stem cell therapy

  • Slow down/reverse damage from injuries
  • Reverse macular degeneration, diabetes + chronic lung disease
[13:23] The restrictions around stem cell therapy in the US

  • Not allowed to reproduce stem cells (grow in petri dish)
  • Embryonic + fetal tissue stem cells illegal
[16:36] Why Dr. Mike uses placental-derived allograft

  • No surgical procedure required (i.e.: bone marrow, body fat)
  • Stem cells brand new and much more potent
[18:41] Dr. Mike’s personal experience with stem cell treatment

  • Procedures on neck, back, knees, shoulder + elbows
  • No qualms about trying anti-aging treatments
[21:40] The potential side effects of biological allografts

  • Haven’t seen any on musculoskeletal side
  • Risk of rejection but considered ‘immune innocent’
  • May experience flulike symptoms for day or so
[22:57] How to find a safe doctor for stem cell therapy

  • List of trained physicians on AAOM website
  • Address instability of joint, other areas of health
[25:14] How Dr. Mike addresses pain caused by instability

  • See where loose, locate source of pain
  • Injections to tighten + strengthen joints
  • PT and manipulation to help heal
[29:10] How often injections may be necessary

  • Prolotherapy = 4 to 10 sessions (every 4 to 6 weeks)
  • PRP = 1 to 4 sessions
  • Stem cell therapy = 1 session + reassess
  • Takes 6 months for full effect
[32:04] Dr. Mike’s insight on the pricing of stem cell therapy

  • Huge disparity based on location
  • Some clinics out to make money
[34:45] Dr. Mike’s take on embryonic stem cell therapy

  • Wouldn’t use on moral grounds (create life to destroy it)
  • Products use now very effective

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