The Lifestyle-Health Connection

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“Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.”

― Kevin Mark Trudeau

Live Your Best Life

When it comes down to it, our lifestyle is the biggest factor in health, wellness, and longevity. Lifestyles include what we eat, do, think, where we work, how we interact with others, how we sleep, what we do for fun, and hundreds of other components. Are we well fed, rested, and supported? Do we find time to play, time to dive into what we love, and pursue our passions?

Or, are we working our butt off, eating inflammatory food just because it’s available, and speaking to ourselves in a negative voice? Do we have relationships with a higher power, or make time to simply just breathe and meditate? These are all consuming factors in our own personal lifestyles, and truthfully, many of us need an overhaul.

The Lifestyle-Health Connection

Lifestyle factors not only influence our mood and productivity, they also influence our health and genetic expression. According to the World Health Organization, the leading risks for global mortality are: Tobacco use, high blood pressure, overweight/obesity, physical inactivity, high blood glucose, high cholesterol, low fruit and vegetable intake, urban outdoor air pollution, alcohol use and occupational risks. Sure there are a lot of factors related to diet but other lifestyle factors clearly play a big role!  Take insulin regulation, for example. How well you regulate your blood sugar will directly impact the third highest risk factor for mortality (overweight/obesity). Eating lots of processed food, especially carbohydrates will cause higher blood glucose levels and so will other factors like exercise, stress and sleep. This doesn’t mean that we’re doomed. We can actually change a lot of this to work in our favor.

Transform Your Life

Lifestyle is the biggest factor we address in our 28 Day Transformation. While most health and wellness programs focus on counting calories or macros, jumping on the scale, and posting before and after pictures, we’re diving in to the one thing we can all change, cultivate, or nurture: the way we live our lives.

Does our lifestyle promote health and wellness, or sickness? Are we living in a way that allows our body to function well? These are the things that really matter. When we get our lifestyle in place and pursue health through our day to day activities, then we really see changes- long lasting ones. This is the difference between dieting and liberation. We are made to feel good, function well, and enjoy life. What would your lifestyle say about your health?

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