The Diverse Health Benefits of Red-Light Therapy with Justin Strahan of Joovv – EP85

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If something seems to good to be true, it probably is. But we may have discovered the one exception to that rule, red-light therapy. Not only do light treatments eliminate skin issues like eczema, the therapy has been proven to reduce joint pain and inflammation, stimulate muscle recovery, improve thyroid function and boost testosterone levels, just to name a few of its many health benefits.




Justin Strahan is the Cofounder and Research and Development Lead at Joovv, the premier LED light therapy device company. The Joovv product line helps you reach your health and fitness goals via red and near infrared light therapy for targeted or full-body treatment. An engineer by trade, Justin managed design and development teams in the construction industry for 16 years prior to pursuing Joovv full-time.

Today, Justin explains how his wife’s search for alternative health therapies served as the inspiration for Joovv. He discusses the specific benefits of red and near infrared wavelengths, the differences between light therapy and the infrared sauna, and the specifics of Joovv’s FDA approval and additional safety testing. Justin also covers how the Joovv’s LEDs differ from lasers and the best practices for use of the Joovv Mini. Listen in for insight around the research corroborating light therapy’s wide range of benefits—and learn about the impact of light on your overall health!

Topics Covered

[0:41] The impetus for Joovv

  • Wife’s search for alternative health therapies
  • Red light therapy eliminated eczema
  • Search treatment to use at home
  • Research around wide range of benefits
[5:13] Where red light fits into the spectrum

  • UV <400 nanometers
  • Visible = 400 to 700 nanometers
  • Infrared >700 nanometers
  • Joovv uses red 600-670, near infrared 800-880
[7:05] How Joovv chose its light spectrums

  • Research demonstrates most effective
  • Restores healthy cellular function
  • Visible red absorbed by skin tissue (i.e.: collagen production)
  • Near infrared addresses deeper tissue (e.g.: muscle recovery)
[9:27] The difference between light therapy and the sauna

  • Sauna raises temperature (similar to exercise)
  • Light therapy feeds cells (form of nutrition)
[12:42] Lasers vs. LED lights

  • Concern with overheating tissue in lasers
  • LED just as effective, can treat entire body
  • Laster better for recovering from injury
  • LED best application for skin issues
[16:17] The Joovv’s safety testing

  • Secured FDA approval
  • No danger in raising tissue temperature
  • Safe for eyes (benefits degenerative eye disease)
[17:39] The lesser known benefits of light therapy

  • Effects every cell function including thyroid
  • Improves testosterone levels
[20:16] The timeline of Joovv’s benefits

  • Improve sleep quality right away
  • Collagen production takes five weeks
[23:46] What to look for in a light therapy product

  • Light intensity (30 ml/cm2)
  • Wavelength (630-670, 810-880)
  • Treatment area (fully body system)
  • FDA approval
  • 10-minute treatment time
[29:19] How to use the Joovv Mini

  • Depends on individual health goals
  • Face for skin, relaxation and sleep quality
  • Target specific area (i.e.: knee issue)
[31:03] Justin’s insight around EMF outputs

  • Joovv takes drastic steps to eliminate
  • Similar to house with electrical wiring
  • Multiple forms of shielding in power cord
[34:00] The appropriate distance for the Joovv

  • Hold or stand six inches away
  • Close enough for deep treatment in 10 minutes
  • Far enough for air to keep body, device cool
[35:55] How the Joovv Mini compares with internasal devices

  • Internasal built for impact on brain function
  • Joovv designed to expose as much of body as possible
[36:52] The research around light therapy and cancer

  • Thought might speed tumor growth
  • Actually supports body in fighting cancer
[39:01] The health outcomes to track with Joovv

  • Sleep, energy and cognitive function
  • Hormone levels and blood work
  • Document, photograph specific issues
[41:00] Justin’s top tip for Ali Fitness listeners

  • Reevaluate impact of light on overall health
  • Get as much natural sunlight as possible

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