Striving for Health AND Wealth—with Krisstina Wise of Wealthy Wellthy Life – EP90

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So, you’ve mastered the art of physical fitness. But are you financially fit? There’s no getting around it: Money is an important tool we need to function in the world. The problem is, most of us were never taught the money methodology necessary to achieve financial freedom. What if we could learn how to spend wisely, investing as much in building wealth as we do in our fitness and health?

Krisstina Wise is a real estate mogul, millionaire coach and successful serial entrepreneur. She has founded several multimillion-dollar businesses including her current venture, Wealthy Wellthy Life, an educational platform at the intersection of financial wealth and vibrant health. Through her coaching practice, podcast and online courses, Krisstina teaches people the mindset, tools and systems that she used to transform her own life and achieve financial abundance AND peak health. She is also a sought-after international speaker and the author of Amazon bestseller Falling for Money.

Today, Krisstina joins us to share her journey to wealth and wellness, including the financial, health and relationship breakdowns that led to major breakthroughs. She uncovers her top two money truths, discussing how to develop a positive money mindset and explaining the Rubik’s Cube metaphor of money. Listen in for Krisstina’s insight into focusing on the areas of your life that are out of balance and learn the value of working toward physical, financial AND relational fitness.

Topics Covered

[2:11] Krisstina’s journey to health and wealth

  • Grew up poor and ashamed of poverty
  • High income in real estate as young adult
  • Divorce resulted in $150K in debt
  • Personal mission to learn wealth-building
  • Health crisis demonstrated body #1 asset
  • Pivot to become health/wealth educator
[11:36] Krisstina’s first truth of money mindset

  • How you feel about money matters (view as tool)
  • Get to place where triggers are positive
[16:41] The Rubik’s Cube metaphor of money

  • Anyone can solve if understand pattern
  • Earn, spend and invest = brain, heart and lungs
  • Need each other for system to function
[25:02] Krisstina’s three foundational life categories

  • Health, money and relationships
  • Must examine, invest in all three
[30:34] Krisstina’s relationship crisis in 2017

  • Walked away from loveless marriage
  • Divorce + dad’s death took emotional toll
[35:38] The concept of ‘balancing’ vs. achieving balance

  • Focus attention on area out of balance
  • Work toward growth and embrace the struggle
[40:15] Krisstina’s favorite money myth to bust

  • Answer not in making more money
  • Build wealth by how spend money
[44:48] Krisstina’s upcoming Wealthy Wellthy event

  • First day—financial wealth and sales training
  • Second day—Navy SEALS present on health

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