STOP Settling and Live the Life You Want with Mike Bledsoe – EP062

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Have you been settling for less than in your life? Making decisions out of survival rather than creation? Are you ready to hit the reset button and show up differently for your work, your workout AND your family?




Mike Bledsoe is the CEO of the Shrugged Collective, a network of fitness, health and performance shows that spotlight premiere thought leaders in the fields of emotional and intellectual expansion, behavioral change, sexuality and alternative medicine. Mike also serves as the host of The Bledsoe Show, a podcast dedicated to acting as a positive force for physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual health. Mike served in the US Navy from 2001 through 2005, and he has a degree in Health and Human Performance from the University of Memphis.

Today, Mike shares the story of his recent transformation, explaining how he went about setting the reset button on several aspects of his life and what inspired him to stop settling. He offers insight around his struggle with negative self-talk and how his training regimen has evolved to focus on long-term health. Mike discusses his take on men and self-worth and describes how his stint in the military impacted his health. Listen in for Mike’s advice on the conscious consumption of plant-based medicine, shifting your relationship with competition, and doing the deep personal work necessary for change.

Topics Covered

[0:44] Mike’s recent transformation

  • Result of personal work and reflection
  • Reset button on business, marriage
  • Adopt and embody mantra in all aspects of life
[5:40] The intention behind Mike’s nomadic journey

  • Travel for personal growth
  • Test ability to form instant community
[6:37] What inspired Mike to stop settling

  • Meditation, visualization exercise at retreat
  • Dealing root cause creates sense of freedom
[8:00] Mike’s struggle with negative self-talk

  • Voice saying, ‘You’re stupid’ since childhood
  • Went away with meditation, NLP, hypnosis
[10:50] How Mike’s training regimen has evolved

  • Do what’s best for body
  • Train for health, longevity
[12:24] Mike’s take on men and self-worth

  • Viewed as disposable (i.e.: military)
  • Disregard health because don’t feel valuable
  • Over-train to be liked, look like magazine
[16:51] How being in the service impacted Mike’s health

  • Low quality food, sleep on deployment
  • Around radiation and chemicals
[19:12] Mike’s battle with injury before competition

  • Used ‘don’t be a loser’ as motivation
  • Mind doesn’t understand negation
  • Aggressive training led to injury
[22:31] Mike’s advice for people who are settling

[24:09] Mike’s insight on plant-based medicine

  • Approach with intention (conscious consumption)
  • Use facilitators to create good experience
  • Do retreat first to establish intellectual framework
[27:29] How Mike’s view of competition has shifted

  • Do for fun, not willing to sacrifice self to win
  • Fear of change reveals wounded parts of ego

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