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FAQ: 28-Day Lifestyle Liberation

WHO IS THIS TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM APPROPRIATE FOR? Anyone who wants to lose weight, feel more energized, be healthy and get back on track with living a healthy and long life! WHAT’S INCLUDED? ◊  [...]

Should You Do Genetic Testing?

Genetic testing is all the rage. With a simple cheek swab you can find out what kind of medications are best suited for you, if you should jump on the high fat bandwagon, and if you are at risk [...]

Is it Time for a Digital Detox?

Do you have a love/hate relationship with your phone? Your computer? Before I had my daughter of my own, a friend’s child told me “I think my mom loves the computer more than me. She’s always on [...]


We know that “you are what you eat”, but in actual fact, “we are what we eat eats”. The quality of our food depends on how it’s grown, raised, processed, and brought to us. This is one of the [...]