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Part of the allure of endurance sports is the opportunity to be outdoors, to connect with the natural world. And many of us would like to do more to protect the environment we love… But where do we begin?




Mimi and Jacky are two-time Adventure Race World Champions. As multi-sport athletes, they have traveled to 20 countries on four continents, competing in seven different disciplines including XTERRA triathlons, Spartan races, and Half Ironman Triathlons—just to name a few. In 2017, they devised an ambitious plan to win seven world championships.

The surprising thing is, Mimi and Jacky restrict their diet to fruits and vegetables. The couple lives on Canary Island in a solar-powered container house, growing their food in a permaculture garden. Their zero-waste lifestyle truly demonstrates their commitment to protecting the planet. Today Mimi and Jacky discuss how the races they choose reflect their environmental consciousness. They share their daily training program, their approach to recovery, and how their plant-based diet has affected their overall health and athletic performance. Listen in to understand how they developed a passion for the environment and how we can take small steps to protect the Earth.

Topics Covered

[1:03] How Mimi and Jacky got into endurance sports

  • Mimi comes from athletic family, rowed on French national team
  • Jacky did decathlon as teen, enjoys travel involved in adventure racing

 [3:00] How Mimi and Jacky met

  • Girl on Jacky’s adventure race team sustained knee injury
  • Team member contacted Mimi to fill in at last minute
[7:16] How Mimi and Jacky shifted their focus to the environment

  • Opportunity to do something good for planet
  • Choose races that promote environmental protection
[8:11] How Mimi and Jacky plan their race schedule

  • Live on prize money
  • Choose most affordable races
[9:15] Mimi and Jacky’s sustainable lifestyle

  • Container home, permaculture garden
  • Protect the planet and save money
[9:52] How Mimi and Jacky approach recovery

  • Choose 1- to 3-day races (rather than 5 to 7)
  • Listen to body rather than follow specific plan
  • Compression clothing, essential oils
  • Nutrition, adequate sleep (from 9pm to 8am)
[15:03] How Mimi and Jacky structure daily training sessions

  • Kayak in morning
  • Run, bike in afternoon
  • Spartan workout at night
[16:56] Mimi and Jacky’s approach to nutrition

  • Stopped eating refrigerated foods on road trip through Australia
  • Step-by-step shift to plant-based diet
  • Two meals of fruit, one of vegetables (for protein, minerals)
[20:37] How Mimi and Jacky approach nutrition during a race

  • Buy fruit native to country
  • Eat dates, gels of honey and water
[22:22] Mimi and Jacky’s take on sharing meals with others

  • Explained philosophy to friends and family
  • Everyone free to eat what they want
[24:54] How Mimi and Jacky view supplements

  • Used them in the past
  • Haven’t needed since diet change
[28:29] Mimi and Jacky’s passion for the environment

  • Stemmed from learning to grown own food
  • Use solar panel for electricity
  • Near zero waste
  • Simple kitchen (blender, juicer and tap)
  • Recycle when traveling
  • ‘Everything has many lives’
[34:26] Mimi and Jacky’s advice for others who want to follow a similar path

  • Take it step by step
  • Change one thing (i.e.: reuse water, separate recyclables)
[37:04] Mimi and Jacky’s plans for the future

  • Share idea of protecting the planet
  • Continue to do sport

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