Protect Yourself from the Health Impacts of EMFs—with Brian Hoyer of Shielded Healing – EP106

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Technological advancements have made many aspects of our lives easier. But technology also comes with invisible electric and magnetic currents that impact our biological systems in ways we don’t fully understand. So, how do electromagnetic fields influence our health? Is there a relationship between the current epidemic of autoimmune and neurological diseases and the technology in our homes? And if so, what can we do to protect ourselves from the wireless tech and dirty electricity that pervades our modern world?




Brian Hoyer is the founder of Shielded Healing, a company dedicated to reinventing human habitats and recreating electromagnetic environments that more closely mimic our ancestral homes. He is also a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Geobiologist with extensive knowledge of the invisible stressors produced by modern technology and their impact on the body’s innate healing mechanisms. Brian travels the country doing EMF assessments, speaking at conferences, and helping families install shielding solutions.

Today, Brian joins us to explain why we should be concerned about EMFs and how they influence our immune response. He discusses the benefit to protecting our bedrooms from EMFs, walking us through his approach to assessing and protecting a home or apartment from toxic, electromagnetic stressors. Listen in for Brian’s insight into the health risks of wireless technology and certain kinds of lighting—

and learn about the simple solutions available to shield yourself from harmful EMFs.

Topics Covered

[1:59] What inspired Brian’s deep dive into health and wellness

[4:46] Why we should be concerned about electromagnetic fields (EMF)

  • Man-made (pulsing) current introduced in last 150 years
  • Impact on biological systems, changes functioning of cells
[8:28] Brian’s insight around the thermal effect

  • Exposure to radiation (i.e.: microwave, cell phone)
[10:27] Brian’s insight around nonthermal effects

  • Low frequency = wired electricity in home
  • Different meters measure different frequencies
[12:04] The research around wireless technology

  • Pioneering studies by Allan Frey
  • Radio frequencies cause permeable blood-brain barrier
  • Jack Kruse work on immune response, inflammation
[15:45] The connection between EMF exposure and chronic infection

  • Mold fungus proliferates at much higher rate
  • Voltage-gated calcium ion concentrate in brain + heart
  • ‘Perfect storm of stress on human body’
[18:13] The benefit of protecting your bedroom from EMF

  • Spend 1/3 of life there (restoration, detoxification)
  • Sunlight + antioxidant inputs available during day
[21:15] Brian’s approach to testing for EMF in the home

  • Look for high body voltage, wiring errors
  • Impact of wireless tech + dirty electricity
[25:38] Dr. Magda Havas’ diabetes research

  • Dirty electricity filter can reduce blood sugar
[26:02] The risks associated with metal in mattresses

  • Acts as antennae for wireless radiation
  • Springs known to attract electric fields
[27:43] What Brian measures in a home assessment

  • Electricity, electric fields + body voltage
  • Wireless radiation, magnetic fields + dirty electricity
  • Geopathic stress and lighting
[29:48] Brian’s advice for people living in apartments

  • Use shielding fabric, paint and grounded-mesh flooring
  • Separate self from toxic, electromagnetic stressors
[31:32] What you can do to assess and limit EMFs in your home

  • Test body voltage with multimeter
  • Install whole-home dirty electricity filter
  • Go back to wired systems (i.e.: mouse, telephone, etc.)
[35:31] Brian’s thoughts around infrared saunas

  • Partnership with SaunaSpace for fully shielded unit
  • Increase BH4 levels to reverse damage of EMFs
[39:49] The difference between energy saving and incandescent bulbs

  • Energy saving bulbs pulse, causing neurological stressor
  • Incandescent bulbs are healing (stimulate ATP production)
[42:17] Brian’s advice around mobile phone use

  • Keep in shielded pouch on airplane mode
  • Turn off mobile data if need to be available
  • Use speaker or wired earbuds

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