Overcome Limiting Beliefs with the Power of Words—with Mary Shores – EP116

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“Everything we say, everything we do, every choice we make in the thinnest sliced moments of life is either creating a connection to what we want, or it’s driving a disconnection.”




Language is incredibly powerful. The words you use with colleagues, clients, friends and family can either promote solutions and create connection or drive you further apart. And the language we use on ourselves is just as powerful. The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves become our identity. So, how do we learn to choose our words more carefully? How can we create new beliefs around what we’re capable of? How can we leverage the power of self-talk to overcome limiting beliefs and move closer to our goals?

Mary Shores is the founder and president of Midstate Collection Solutions, an innovative debt collection agency that partners with clients to collect past due receivables. She is also a prominent keynote speaker and creator of the Conscious Communications system, a method of forming new neural pathways by simply changing your words. Mary shares these practices in her bestselling book, Conscious Communications: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Harnessing the Power of Your Words to Change Your Mind, Your Choices, and Your Life.

Today, Mary joins us to share her definition of barrier beliefs and explain how they can be overcome by taking action in the direction you want to go. She offers insight into the origin of her Do Not Say list and discusses how you can leverage the idea of cleanse versus clog to improve your health and nutrition—or any other aspect of your life! Listen in to understand the immense power of words and learn how to use Mary’s Core 4 strategy to create focus in your personal and professional life!

Topics Covered

[1:51] Mary’s journey through trauma to her present success

  • Living in 10 X 50 wooden trailer at 16
  • Single mom at 19 (daughter w/ profound brain damage)
  • Founded business without college education at 24
[7:32] What led Mary to start her own business

  • Felt left behind, friends graduating and starting careers
  • Desperation motivated to start business, gain control
[13:05] Mary’s idea of barrier beliefs

  • Build brick wall between you and what you want
  • Usually hidden from us, reveal through self-talk
[17:00] How to overcome barrier beliefs

  • Develop awareness of self-talk
  • Take action in direction want to go
  • Create new belief about self
[21:39] Mary’s Do Not Say list

  • Created for debt collections business in 2005
  • Negative words (no, can’t, won’t, etc.) cut off solutions
  • Profound impact to implement in personal life as well
[26:34] How Mary uses cleanse vs. clog for nutrition

  • Lists of anti-inflammatory + inflammatory foods
  • Add cleanse foods in first few days, eliminate clogs later
[30:49] Mary’s insight on applying cleanse vs. clog in other areas

  • Decisions either create connection or disconnection
  • Develop lists for relationships, career, spiritual growth, etc.
[35:34] How Mary’s personal Core 4 support her health

  • Healing, relationship with kids, eliminating clutter + self-care
  • Run every decision through Core 4 lens (i.e.: hire cook)
[42:20] Mary’s Core 4 for her business

  • Sales, branding, industry involvement + online programs
  • Reverse engineer action plan to achieve, team delivers

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