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Food is medicine, and we should be getting the vast majority of the nutrients we need from the food we eat. But every now and then, we get low in an area and need vitamins supplements. What is the best method for taking in vitamin supplements to ensure maximum absorption? What are the benefits of vitamin shots and IVs? And what are the best supplements available for improving athletic performance and promoting recovery?




Jonathan Mendoza is the owner and chief practitioner at MSW Lounge, a one-stop-shop for all things health based in Austin, Texas. MSW offers vitamin drinks, injections and drips as well as concierge health plans. Jonathan has a background in traditional and alternative medicine, earning a bachelor’s in kinesiology and exercise science, a Doctrine of Chiropractic, and a master’s in nursing. Jonathan’s training in sports therapy (with professional athletes), physical medicine and rehabilitation, pain management, family medicine, urgent care, and functional medicine come together in MSW, a holistic healthcare clinic offering the most well-rounded therapy possible.

Today, Jonathan shares his journey to creating MSW Lounge and what the clinic offers in terms of vitamin shots and IVs. He explains how MSW customizes its shots to individual clients and the benefit of shots and IVs over oral supplements. Jonathan covers the ingredients in the clinic’s trademarked Slenderella vitamin injection, describing how it works to detoxify the liver and promote weight loss. Listen in for Jonathan’s take on the future of IV clinics, his advice on how to vet a credible facility, and the best vitamins for athletes to improve performance and foster recovery.

Topics Covered

[1:09] Jonathan’s journey to MSW Lounge

  • Background in traditional, nontraditional medicine
  • Nurse practitioner in pain management setting
  • Ten years studying nutrition (food = medicine)
[2:54] The fundamentals of MSW Lounge

  • Vitamin shots, IVs and drinks
  • Medical clinic and lounge
  • Pharmaceutical grade vitamins
[4:42] The difference between a shot and an IV

  • Shot = small syringe in gluteal/deltoid muscle, 3-minute procedure lasts 1-3 days
  • IV = higher capacity, takes up to an hour to administer but lasts full week
[6:31] How to determine the vitamin(s) you need

  • Based on need (e.g.: energy, allergies, immune boost, etc.)
  • Short consult at MSW or full lab testing to customize shot/IV
[10:02] Jonathan’s insight on the hierarchy of absorption

  • Oral supplements on bottom (30-40% broken down before gets to intestinal tract)
  • Sublingual drops, internasal spray and patches/creams in middle
  • Shots and IVs at top (close to 100% absorption)
[14:28] How often clients come in to MSW

  • Dependent on individual needs, once/week or month
  • Immunocompromised patients once/week until build strength
[15:22] MSW’s Slenderella vitamin injection

  • Contains B12, liver detoxifiers, carnitine and B6 (P-5-P)
  • Detoxifies brain and liver, promotes weight loss and energy
[20:23] Patient outcomes on Slenderella

  • 2 shots/week = 1-3 inches in month
  • Ask client to cut back one indulgence
  • Sustainable lifestyle change vs. short-term weight loss
[25:37] The cost of MSW shots and IVs

  • Intermuscular shots $20-60
  • IVs $49-250
  • Price shifts with needs
[28:00] The general public’s understanding of injections

  • Biohackers research on own via internet
  • Grassroots movement educated in health, wellness
[30:48] Jonathan’s take on the future of IV clinics

  • Will continue to evolve, ingredients improve
  • Become more mainstream as research validates
[34:43] How to access vitamins when no clinic is available

  • Gyms, yoga studios may carry
  • Slenderella available online
  • Ask GP (e.g.: B12 shot)
[39:32] How to vet a credible IV clinic

  • Functional medicine doctor on staff
  • Treat conditions beyond hangovers
  • FDA-approved source of ingredients
  • Staff understand vitamins administered
[43:13] The best vitamins for athletes (performance, recovery)

  • Amino acids, taurine, glutathione, L-glutamine
[47:11] The franchise opportunities through MSW

  • Don’t necessarily need medical license
  • Nurse or paramedic to administer shots
  • Supervising physician or medical practitioner

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