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Are you ready for an energised lifestyle that involves healthy whole foods? Join our 21 day transformation from May 15th 2017.  Scroll down for details.
I can help you get on track with a plan and someone to be accountable to AND we can make it even easier by teaching your helper (or you) how to cook healthy meals.
21 Day Transformation
Join our 21 day transformational program around primal living (focused on food, movement and sleep etc). This is not a diet but rather involves education around what to, and not to eat and why. It will be about implementing this into our lives. We will meet every Monday (from 12:00 to 1:00pm) and you will get messages/ emails with small tasks to keep you on track.
First meeting will be on Monday 15th May and will be an introduction 3 hour session. It starts Monday May 15 but this will be our preparation and education phase. Implementation will be 21 days from Monday 22nd May to June 11th.
This is what you get:

21 Day Total Body Transformation ($2000 HKD)

  • A coach (Ali) to guide you through a complete 21 Day Total Body Transformation to reprogram your genes, become a fat burning beast and get a jump start on your new lifestyle
  • A video seminar given by Mark Sisson (the author of 21 Day Total Body Transformation). Watch together in our first meeting.
  • An e-book of the 21 Day Total Body Transformation by Mark Sisson
  • An initial 3 hour meeting with a weekly 60 min meetings in a group to review your progress and discuss any questions and make you ACCOUNTABLE.
  • Optional before and after photos with measurements that we will write together in our preparation meetings.
  • Full pantry clean out and restock instructions (in preparation meetings)
  • Easy to read handouts regarding the Primal Blueprint lifestyle
  • Handouts and resources will include shopping lists, foods to avoid, recipes, essential foods and meditation tools etc
  • 2 great recipe ebooks

Numbers are limited so email if you are interested.


Sick of eating crap and feeling like it?

Send your helper or come along yourself to healthy cooking classes.

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  • For 15 years I’ve tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle but, like most diets and healthy eating programs, it was hard to keep. Not only was it hard to change long term I was constantly tired, hungry, and unhappy from the guilt of not keeping my own goal. Every time I was on the diet I was hungry, moody, unhappy and craved sugar more than ever.  In short, I was miserable. When Ali introduce me to her 21day transformation course a whole new world open up to me.  Everything I knew about healthy living before was false. The 21 day transformation program has truly transformed me. The results are astonishing. I no longer crave sugar or any carbohydrate based foods. My cravings under control and I have more energy.  I no longer suffer from stomach pains, digestion problems, bloating, menstrual cramps, and head aches. The greatest feeling is that I know I will be able to continue with primal living because I don't feel deprive and I’m happy. It is truly life changing.

    Abigail Beale
    Abigail Beale
  • I participated in the 21 Day Transformation with Ali.  Ali’s knowledge and experience in nutrition was a huge asset during this program.  I would not have jumped into the program without the guidance of someone I trusted and knew I could rely on for answers, feedback and support, all of which Ali provided generously.  Ali takes a common sense and well-balanced yet also no nonsense approach to nutrition and fitness.  Her message is clear – we all make our own choices, it’s about listening to your own body and finding the right balance for yourself.  It’s not about finding perfection 100% of the time but about educating ourselves about food then aiming to more consistently make better choices.  The quest for balance is also about owning our decisions when we decide to make less than ideal choices! If you are looking to shake things up in terms of your eating habits and nutrition and you are ready to put the time into trying a new approach and new recipes, then I highly recommend taking this program with Ali.  It’s not about going on a diet or depriving yourself but about eating real and healthy food and finding a long-term sustainable approach to nutrition.

    Dana Duncan
    Dana Duncan


For more information about our services
please visit contact page.