The 6 Pillars of Real Long-term Health

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You, as a human, are complex. You are a song, a symphony, a killer mashup. So why is your approach to health a single note? Probably because it’s the only note you’ve ever heard. It’s time to stop paying attention to anyone or anything that tells you that weight is the ultimate measure of health and start your journey to true wellness by listening to and nourishing every piece of who you are.

You are full of ambition, hope and desire that drives you. Your body, mind, spirit, inner-child, relationships and finances are constantly changing and evolving to make you who you are. There is inspiration and power in the complexity of you and you deserve an approach to your health that cares about the whole you.

Ali Fitness focuses on improving your body, mind, spirit, inner-child, relationships and finances. All of these things are interconnected and the health of one impacts all the others. In each area, we work with you to slow down, nourish yourself, notice the world around you, reflect and be grateful.



Far too often when discussing wellness, we hear fellow weekend warriors focusing exclusively on food and exercise. While important, you and your body are more far complex than that. The wellness of your body depends on four key areas: sleep, nutrition, movement and your environment.

    • Sleep is the foundation for body wellness, it recharges, resets and balances your life. If you’re not rested, you’re not you.
    • Nutrition isn’t just about what you eat, it’s also about who you eat with, how you eat and more. What you put in your body should be quality, healthy and fuel for your life.
    • Movement is bigger than exercise, it’s the way you interact with the world, doing the right exercises for you and finding the right balance to achieve your goals.
    • Environment is all of the things you surround yourself with. It’s time to choose helpful tools and products for wellness, removing toxic chemicals and harmful products from your environment.


Have you ever been in a bad mood and not been able to figure out exactly why? You feel down or in a funk, but there’s no single thing that you can isolate as the cause. The input around you, every day, enters your mind, whether you know it or not. From the cynical 24-hour news cycle to the things you read and listen to, the media you consume and the environment you live in has an impact on the way you feel about yourself and the world around you. Are you feeding your mind with things that will improve your thoughts and your outlook?

Not only is what you’re hearing from the outside world important, but also crucial is what you hear from yourself. Pay attention to the things you say to yourself and consider whether or not your thoughts are helpful. Is your inner voice on your side? Are you kind to yourself? It can be easy to let thoughts effortlessly slip in and out of mind as you go through your day. But it’s important to understand the wider impact of your thoughts. Sadly, we often treat others with more consideration than we give ourselves.


Spend time developing a spiritual connection that gives your life meaning and purpose. You are the only one that can decide what your spirit connects with; it may be God, a higher purpose, your morals or your own personal commandments. Acknowledging, respecting and following your internal guide is vital to overall wellness and will help you achieve balance and peace that extends beyond the mind and body.


Play is important.


There was a time in all of our lives when we would lose track of ourselves as we played, imagined, dreamed, created and laughed. Somewhere along the way, as we grew up, we were shamed into believing that experiencing this sort of unbridled joy was unimportant or inappropriate for our age.

Rediscover your passions, indulge your dreams and allow yourself the freedom to enter that long lost flow-state, where time passes without worry or fear. Dedicate yourself to finding your inner-child, waking them up and embracing play.


True human connection begins with being present. Too often, we let our minds wander outside the current moment and let opportunities for genuine connection pass us by. From partners and children to extended family and friends, we must remember to be grateful for the relationships in our lives and offer ourselves to them in kind.

It’s also important to be part of a community of support. Find people in your life that you can rely on and trust. Reach out when you need help and be available when your community needs you.


Money is one of the biggest stressors in our lives and our relationships. It’s a tough topic, but consider this—if you were to make a list of the top three things you spend your money on, would your health and wellbeing make the list? If no, why not? It’s easy to let your finances be your default excuse when it comes to your health but ultimately, investing in your health is investing in your future.



Addressing all of these aspects of your life can feel overwhelming and that’s okay, because you are so much more than a diet and a scale. You’re a whole person and you deserve total health and happiness. We will meet you where you are to celebrate your strengths and conquer the things that are holding you back.

Real Support

Ali Fitness is a community of real coaches and athletes, here to celebrate, motivate and support you, as a complete, unique and complex person. We embrace a holistic approach that addresses all of the elements of yourself to create long-term, meaningful change.

We believe it, we live it, and we share it with you.

We are here to empower you to overcome the hurdles of self-doubt and uncertainty. You’re worth it, you’ve got this and we’re here to guide you. We already believe in you and we can’t wait to get started. If not now, when? Start your life transformation today and you will never look back!


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