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What if your fitness studio supported you in more than just the physical aspects of health? What if your gym could guide you in eating well? And pursuing mental and emotional wellness? Scott Capelin is on a mission to usher in a new era of fitness with Embody, a boutique gym focused on holistic wellness. The unique Embody philosophy inspires members to Move, Replenish and Unplug as they pursue wellbeing through physical, mental and emotional fitness.




Scott left the corporate world to join his brother in the fitness industry in 1999. Though he enjoyed his work in marketing management, Scott had always had a passion for health and fitness, so he found greater job satisfaction and financial success in personal training and gym management. After 12 years with Vision PT, Scott and his brother established Tribe Social Fitness in 2011. Then he observed a shift in the industry toward boutique studios, and Scott saw an opportunity to design an elegant, eco-conscious space that offered its members a fusion of fitness and wellness—a place where they can move, replenish and unplug. Embody was born in November of 2015.

Today Scott shares how he came to incorporate yoga and Pilates into his fitness routine, explaining how those modalities fit into the ‘new era of fitness.’ He walks us through the new member consultation, including the eco-friendly facility tour and the health/wellness evaluation that results in a personalized report. Scott discusses the Move|Replenish|Unplug philosophy at the core of Embody and how the club incorporates events to build community among its members. Listen in for Scott’s ambitions around the growth of Embody as well as his take on the future of fitness in general.

Topics Covered

[0:59] Scott’s journey to Embody

  • Left corporate world for fitness industry
  • 12 years with Vision personal training
  • Established Tribe Social Fitness
  • Shift to holistic focus with Embody

 [5:26] Why Scott integrates yoga, Pilates

  • Pilates builds core strength
  • Yoga for mobility, flexibility and mindfulness
[8:55] The eco-friendly Embody facility

  • Sustainable construction elements
  • Organic cleaning, grooming products
  • Equipment does not require power
[12:56] The modalities offered at Embody

  • Yoga, Pilates and meditation
  • Personal training
  • Aerial and barre
[14:49] The initial Embody consultation

  • Discuss health history, goals
  • Measure body composition
  • Health/wellness evaluation
  • Personalized report with recommendations, training plan
[18:58] Embody’s seven wellness principles

  • Eat real food
  • Work out
  • Work in
  • Power down
  • Play
  • Expand mind
  • Act, eat ethically
[20:29] The importance of the social aspect of Embody

  • Built on culture, community
  • Relationship business
[23:45] The events offered at Embody

  • Four-week challenges
  • Workshops (e.g.: art as meditation, Pilates at beach, nutrition seminars)
  • Parties
[27:17] Scott’s take on the secret to a successful brand

  • ‘Promise’ that elicits consistent, emotional response
  • Clear on what’s at core of DNA
  • Maintain customer-service focus as grow
  • Systems in place to provide consistent value
[30:03] Scott’s goals for the future of Embody

  • Opening Amsterdam club in 2018
  • Five clubs in Sydney by end of 2019
  • Ten Sydney clubs by 2021
  • Negotiating in Belgium, Sri Lanka
  • Partnership with luxury hotel market
[31:06] Scott’s approach to franchising

  • Marry people who can afford with people who can run
  • Leadership most important aspect
[33:18] Scott’s predictions for the future of gyms

  • Rise of boutique gyms
  • Technology as X factor
[34:46] The role of technology at embody

  • Introductory report generated online
  • Food diary, book classes online
  • ‘Urban sanctuary,’ unplug for classes
[37:02] Scott’s advice for fitness novices

  • Get clear on what you want to achieve
  • Invest in ten sessions with personal trainer
  • Incorporate nutrition plan
[39:10] How to find a competent personal trainer

  • Recommendations, referrals
  • Research, observe
  • Use best judgement
  • Present, caring and available

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