How Mobile and Wearable Technology Has Brought Diets Under Control

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How Mobile and Wearable Technology Has Brought Diets Under Control

Staying healthy is no longer guesswork. The fitness industry has exploded with the vast amount of information that is now available via the internet. With all the materials available it can be hard to know what information to follow. Here on Ali Fitness we have tried to break down the information available on different diets and look at the benefits and pitfalls of each diet. Yet there is no denying that the technological revolution has been hugely useful for people trying to control their food intake.

In this post we look at how technology has brought diets under control and how the rise of mobile technology is being felt across all industries.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology has changed how we monitor our health. They provide real time data that can tell us everything from how many calories have been burned to the quality of sleep we are getting. Using a wearable is one of the best ways to keep on top of weight loss, as you will be able to see the data and adapt accordingly. Devices such as the Apple Watch can hold several applications that deal with a wide variety of health and nutritional subjects.

App Technology

One technological development that has completely changed our relationship with food is smart devices. Apps allow us to use smart devices to monitor and adjust our eating habits to suit our lifestyle.

Here are two types of app developments that have changed how we control our diets:

Calorie Counters

Calorie counters have taken all the guesswork out of nutrition plans. Depending on their dietary requirements a person can now accurately create a diet plan that fits their heath and fitness needs. Leading technology experts Wearable published an article on calorie counting devices and apps which states that they are the best way to control a diet. They recommend using an app like My Fitness Pal which has over 3 million food choices in its database. Users can input their desired goals and use the app to keep track of their day-to-day progress.

Nutritional Information

Alongside calorie counters the next biggest development in app technology has been the amount of nutritional information available. It is much easier to control a diet when you have all the facts at your fingertips. Apps on nutrition allow users to find specific ingredients and breakdown their nutritional content. A lot of apps will also allow the users to tailor recipes to their dietary needs.

The Rise of Mobile Technology

The digital revolution can be felt across all industries as more consumers use mobile technologies in conjunction with daily activates. As more companies adapt for the digital mobile market so to will consumer demand for applications that can be used wherever they need them. For example, one industry that has also seen a huge growth in mobile consumer use is the entertainment industry. Technology trend analysis site Edison Investment Research predicts that the European casino market is expected to grow by 9.2% in 2018. The company they use as their case study is Gaming Realms who are best known for the popular online casino site Slingo. These figures are a clear pointer on how mobile use is increasing every year across industries due to consumer demand.

Technology has given us much more control over our diets. Whether you are looking to lose weight or create a diet plan that will aid your exercise programme there is no argument that we now turn to our devices for help in controlling our food intake.

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