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Kale Brock was diagnosed with a heart irregularity at the age of 16. He was given the option to undergo ablation surgery, but Kale hesitated. Wouldn’t it be better to fix the issue rather than destroy a piece of his heart? Instead, he started working with a naturopath to improve his microbiome, and within six months, he had reversed the condition naturally.




Ten years later, Kale is an award-nominated writer, producer and speaker with a passion for creative storytelling. His special interest in health and well-being coupled with a background in journalism led Kale to makeThe Gut Movie, a documentary that investigates the human microbiome via his experience living with The San tribe in Namibia.

Kale is the also author of two acclaimed books, The Gut Healing Protocol and The Art of Probiotic Nutrition. Today he explains how he reversed his heart conditioned by focusing on gut health, and how that experience shaped his career as a journalist and storyteller. Kale shares his experience making The Gut Movie, discussing what he learned from The San tribe and his hope for audiences who see the film. Listen in for Kale’s advice around getting connected to your food supply, getting back to nature and healing your microbiome!

Topics Covered

[1:16] How Kale’s past health issues shaped his career

  • Diagnosed with heart condition (SVT) at 16
  • Given option to undergo heart ablation
  • Wanted to fix, not destroy
  • Worked with naturopath
  • Reversed condition naturally in six moths
  • Managed successfully ever since (ten years)
  • Curious person, wants to tell stories

 [4:16] What Kale did to reverse his heart condition

  • Whole food diet
  • Balanced blood sugar
  • Fixed gut health, gaps in nutrition
  • Microbiome = foundational health issue
[6:26] The statistics around gut health

  • Official numbers indicate at least 50% have digestive issue
  • More likely 90-95%
  • Caused by misuse of antibiotics, excess of processed sugar
[8:14] The Gut Movie

  • Goal to make issue approachable, entertaining
  • Inspired by experience at Gut Healing Summit
  • Lived with tribe in Namibia never exposed to antibiotics
  • Tested microbiome before, after
[12:36] Kale’s experience with The San people

  • Very open, welcoming
  • Conservancy that maintains traditional ways of life
  • Removed from western society, truly wild
  • Foraging, hunting for food
  • Emotional, societal part of experience
[16:47] The microbiome test results

  • Focus on microbial diversity
  • Kale experienced significant change after only one week
  • Tribe had high degree of vibrancy, vitality
[18:48] Kale’s hope for The Gut Movie audience

  • Intention to generate discussion
  • Uplift rather than scare
  • Empowered to take control of health
[23:25] Kale’s advice around finding the right practitioner

[25:47] Kale’s insight about FMT

  • Take poo from healthy individual, implant in another
  • Not receiving attention due to stigma around fecal matter
  • Should be medical procedure for people with digestive conditions
[30:35] How Kale is changing his lifestyle in light of The Gut Movie

  • Get connected to food supply
  • Learn about local ecology, foods
  • Get back to nature
  • Appreciate whole foods, accept what earth offers

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