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Even the most practical among us would agree that stress has a significant impact on our physical health. The practice of BodyTalk is based in the philosophy that anxiety compromises our body’s communication system, and if we can learn to listen to our body, it will identify the missing links and help us restore the connections.




Julie Bolduc is the owner of Julieyana, a practice in Waterloo, Ontario, focused on balancing mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Julie has 25-plus years of experience in complementary healthcare, wellness coaching and energy medicine. She is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with advanced studies in Ayurvedic Nutrition and Herbology, and she has been a certified BodyTalk System practitioner since 2004. Julie’s resume includes a stint with the Family Hope Center in France, where Julie served as a BodyTalk consultant specializing in the treatment of severely brain injured children. She uses Energy Medicine coupled with nutritional consulting to address chronic illness and disease, and Julie is passionate about helping her clients work through difficult health challenges by accessing their inner power.

Today Julie explains the basics of BodyTalk, including the technique of tapping, the system’s comprehensive protocol chart, and the identification of compromised links in the body. She walks us through a sample session, offering examples of case studies in which BodyTalk helped clients heal from surgery quickly and eliminate extreme anxiety. Listen in to understand how Julie deals with skeptical clients and the fascinating technique she uses to conduct remote BodyTalk sessions with clients all over the world.

Topics Covered

[0:54] The basics of BodyTalk

  • Changes from practitioner to practitioner
  • Integrated, holistic healthcare system
  • Based in philosophy that body knows what’s wrong, capable of healing self
  • Communication between body and brain compromised in stressed society
  • BodyTalk improves communication by tapping links (brain, heart, gut)

 [4:00] How tapping works

  • Identify links to work on
  • Practitioner performs gentle taps on head, sternum and navel
[5:15] How a BodyTalk practitioner deciphers what to work on

  • Muscle checking for yes/no response (weak=yes)
  • Navigate through comprehensive chart to identify links
[6:50] A sample session

  • Ask permission
  • Ask body (in mind) what section is priority (4 sections)
  • Ask body what aspect of section needs work
  • Might identify organ (lungs)
  • Ask body if another link needs work
  • Repeat process (section, aspect)
  • Might identify endocrine (thyroid)
  • Hold spot on lungs, thyroid and tap head, heart and navel
  • Continue tapping until feel energy shift
  • Goal to improve communication between lungs, thyroid
[12:02] How a greater understanding of the body helps a practitioner go deeper

[13:11] The scientific evidence to support BodyTalk’s effectiveness

  • Julie worked at doctor’s office in Hong Kong, blood test levels changed after session
  • Cysts and nodules on Julie’s thyroid diminished
  • Naturopath in Waterloo identified organs healing much faster with combination of BodyTalk and natural medicine
[14:32] What the energy shift means

  • Trying to establish communication between body parts
[14:58] Section two of the BodyTalk chart

  • Identifies stressors in environment
  • Could be person (mother, brother, boss)
  • Client has been absorbing energy
  • After session, client less affected by person’s behavior
[17:52] The importance of respecting the body

  • May skip, return to previous sections as navigate chart
  • Practitioner allows body to go in order it wants
  • Forcing it may cause healing crisis
[19:30] When clients should have a BodyTalk session

  • Most wait until health in dire straits (e.g.: cancer, depression)
  • Can start at any stage
  • Emotional trauma presents as illness later in life
  • Many of Julie’s clients are young people (ages 11-26)
[20:59] How long sessions last

  • Body communicates what is priority today
  • May last as little as 20 minutes or as long as an hour
  • Only go as far as body can handle
  • Body tells when session is done
[23:21] An example of a skeptical client who benefitted from BodyTalk

  • 72-year-old woman with extreme anxiety, daily panic attacks
  • Addressed traumatic childhood in session
  • Used eye rolling technique to disassociate active memories
  • Left session feeling strange, tired (body in parasympathetic state)
  • Called three days later, no panic attacks since session
  • Returned two weeks later, only one panic attack since session
  • After second session, felt relaxed and anxiety-free
[26:22] Scenarios in which skeptics had positive results from BodyTalk

  • Husbands talked into session by wives who benefit
  • 95% return because symptoms alleviated
[27:48] Case studies of physical changes in clients

  • Client with ski injury had session before shoulder surgery, healed quickly without meds
  • Woman with four tumors in liver had MRI after session, tumors disappeared
[29:00] Ali’s experience with BodyTalk

  • Skeptical but open to try new things
  • Session to address injuries sustained in cycling accident
  • Eyes watered throughout session
  • Felt weight of emotion/stress release
  • Friends commented that she looked good, seemed lighter
[31:44] How to become a BodyTalk practitioner

  • Open to anyone, anyone can do learn
  • BodyTalk Access—one-day class, learn five basic techniques
  • Modules 1 and 2—four-day class, learn chart
  • Must do case studies and repeat course to become practitioner
[33:35] How to find the right BodyTalk practitioner for you

  • Dramatic differences from one to next
  • May not resonate with certain practitioners
  • Read through bios on IBA Practitioner List
  • Might have phone conversation, complementary session
  • Niche practitioners available (i.e.: nurses, acupuncturists)
[35:22] How Julie does remote BodyTalk sessions

  • Distance sessions with clients in Hong Kong
  • Tap into energy, energy field of client
  • Can be done on Skype or even while client sleeps
  • Taps on self as surrogate
  • All people connected energetically
  • Mindscape technique teaches to tap into power of mind
  • Slow down brain waves to access collective consciousness

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Resources Mentioned

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The Science and Philosophy of BodyTalk: Healthcare Designed by Your Body by John Veltheim




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