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The vast majority of yoga teachers are freelancers, teaching at multiple studios and gyms. And following your favorite teacher can mean navigating multiple websites for access to classes and events. What if there was a platform where you could follow your favorite teachers and studios, getting all of your information in one place? And what if you could make a small investment in the platform, owning a part of the startup that is creating that community?




Alexander Klein is the co-founder and CEO of Yoga Trail, a global yoga network that connects yogis with their favorite teachers in an effort to make the world a healthier and happier place. The platform provides yoga teachers with free tools to manage and grow their business, while students can find and book classes online in one convenient location.

Alexander has a diverse background that ranges from punk musician to sound engineer to plasma physicist. After a failed attempt to build a fusion reactor that would provide the planet with unlimited clean energy, Alexander had the opportunity to travel with his wife for a year. They got hooked on yoga during their first stop in India and sought out yoga classes in every new country along the way.

Alexander’s wife got the idea for Yoga Trail in 2008, and after sitting in on a business course at the University of Thailand, they launched the platform in 2012. Today, Alexander shares his take on learning to live with less, explaining how his approach to life fits with his experience in plasma physics. He speaks to the specifics of the Yoga Trail platform, discussing how it works to empower teachers to run their businesses independently. Listen in to learn about the Yoga Trail equity crowdfunding campaign, and find out how you can become an ambassador—and own a portion of this global platform!

Topics Covered

[0:36] Alexander’s background in plasma physics

  • Tried to build fusion reactor, provide planet with unlimited clean energy
  • Proved couldn’t be done

 [2:46] Alexander’s take on learning to live with less

  • Trying to ‘consume ourselves into sustainability’
  • Problem will automatically self-correct
[3:57] How Alexander conceived Yoga Trail

  • Opportunity to travel for year
  • Learned yoga at first stop in India
  • Practiced in every new location
  • Sat in on business class at University of Thailand
[5:47] How Alexander got hooked on yoga

  • First classes in Kerala
  • Eased back pain, improved state of mind
  • Global community, perfect for travel
[7:46] Alexander’s move to Thailand

  • Planned to stay one week in Chiang Mai
  • Took job at University, then started Yoga Trail
[8:50] The Yoga Trail platform

  • Free tools for teachers to manage, grow business
  • Students follow favorite teachers, studios
  • Book classes and events online
[11:15] How Yoga Trail generates revenue

  • 7% fee for bookings
  • Teachers have option for paid marketing plan
[11:57] The businesses that use Yoga Trail

  • Smaller studios with handful of teachers
[13:16] How Yoga Trail benefits teachers

  • Traditionally depend on studios/gym for marketing
  • Studios/gym take most of revenue
  • Empowers teachers to manage business independently
[14:38] Yoga Trail’s mission to make the world a healthier, happier place

  • ‘More people to the yoga mat more of the time’
  • Envision future where teachers organize small classes in alternative venues
  • More opportunities for teachers, attract more people to yoga
[16:23] Alexander’s strategy for attracting endurance athletes to yoga

  • Building referral program, free class if bring new student
[17:54] Yoga Trail’s startup business model

  • Equity crowdfunding campaign
  • Investors buy portion of company
  • $300K goal, $1M max
  • Money used for technology, marketing
[21:55] How yoga trail can be used to hire teachers

  • Plans for job board in future
  • Can use search function, message directly
[22:41] The number of Yoga Trail users

  • 60K teachers, 200K yogis
  • 5M site visitors
[23:41] The fundamentals of investing in Yoga Trail

  • $500 minimum

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