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So you’re having ‘one of those days.’ Your body is telling you it needs rest, but your instinct as a dedicated athlete is to push through and follow your training schedule regardless. The truth is, your long-term health can suffer from ignoring the body’s need to recover, and there is a tangible way to measure your readiness via heart rate variability.




Jason Moore is the founder and CEO of Elite HRV, the number one HRV application on the market. The platform provides heart rate variability metrics in a straightforward system, helping thousands of users reach their health and performance goals. Elite HRV is the result of many years of collaboration with coaches, doctors and HRV researchers.

Jason began his career designing large-scale information systems for the oil and gas industry, where he was challenged with making complex data actionable and useful. At the same time, Jason was a fitness coach and personal trainer, passionate about teaching others to improve their overall health. He married the two skill sets to create Elite HRV, and today he shares his understanding of technology, health and human performance with Ali. Listen in as he covers the fundamentals of heart rate variability, how HRV is calculated, and what you can learn from your HRV score to make informed training decisions!

Topics Covered

[1:04] The fundamentals of HRV

  • HRV stands for heart rate variability
  • Measures time between heartbeats
  • HRV is a link to autonomic nervous system
  • App looks for patterns (stress response, recovery)
[3:26] What the HRV reading tells you

  • Ballpark of general fitness level
  • Several readings identify patterns
  • Pinpoints when deviating from usual patterns
  • Provides ability to see how stressors and training affect you, decision-making power
  • In general, more HRV means better recovery, health and fitness
[7:36] How HRV is calculated

  • Root mean square of successive differences (RMSSD) converted to # out of 100
  • Reports readiness score (out of 10), use to make decisions re: training
  • Average score for app users is 60/100
  • Stressors impact HRV value (fitness not only component)
[16:43] How rehab clinics utilize platform for patient monitoring

  • Signals patient response to physical therapy
  • Use early HRV scores to predict who will fully recover within a year
[19:16] How to train your nervous system

  • Biofeedback – use tool to gain conscious control of process normally considered unconscious
  • Guided breathing/meditation techniques can change HRV
  • May have lasting benefit for nervous system
[26:05] The advantages of Elite HRV

  • Gather feedback from users and adapt accordingly
  • Keep tabs on emerging research to analyze data
  • Background in large scale data system design
  • Holistic approach recognizes connections among nutrition, psychology, exercise, etc.
  • Free app
[29:07] What projects are in the works at Elite HRV

  • Addition of premium features (in-depth analysis, additional metrics)
  • Eventual integration with apps like TrainingPeaks, Strava, URAring
[33:36] Elite HRV’s ease of use

  • Takes two minutes each morning
  • Easy to incorporate into daily schedule

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