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We all know that quality is more important than quantity. But it’s tricky to determine quality when it comes to something like sleep. How restorative was the eight hours you got last night? Did that sleep allow your body to recover enough to do the training session you have scheduled for today?




Petteri Lahtela is a serial entrepreneur with 25 years of experience building high tech products and managing international businesses. Petteri’s passion for designing solutions that offer meaningful health benefits led him to create Oura, the world’s first wellness ring. Oura combines sophisticated design, ground-breaking technology and three decades of research to guide users in improving their sleep, health and readiness to perform.

Today Petteri describes the differences between the first generation Oura ring and the new version coming out in April. He covers Oura’s core use cases, what the ring measures, and what sets Oura apart from other wearables on the market. Petteri explains how athletes might utilize Oura to make better choices around training, nutrition and sleep. Listen in and learn about the ongoing research to validate Oura’s sleep cycle measurements and how it gives you vital information without becoming a disruption.

Topics Covered

[1:12] What inspired Petteri to develop the Oura ring

  • 14 years in mobile telecommunication
  • Developed interest in preventing chronic disease
  • Help people avoid symptoms of prolonged stress
  • Understand body’s response to lifestyle
[4:32] The first generation Oura ring

  • Designed for comfort, sleek look
  • Launched in December 2015
  • Access to arteries in finger provides data
  • Measures pulse waveform, HRV
[9:47] How the Oura ring is different from other wearables on the market

  • Data gathered overnight more accurate, meaningful
  • Reveals long-term trends
[12:00] What the Oura ring measures

  • Pulse waveform, HRV
  • Skin temperature variation
  • Duration/intensity of activity
  • Breathing rate/frequency
  • Blood Pulse Volume
[16:00] The Oura ring’s core use cases

  • Provides understanding of how body recovers
  • Demonstrates how time, intensity of activity affects sleep
  • Reveals connection between choices and body response
  • User can adjust timing of activities based on data
[19:53] The user-friendly nature of the data provided by Oura ring

  • Message engine offers instructions re: how to improve
  • Provides daily activity target, readiness score and sleep info
  • Personalization aspect sets apart from other products
[22:14] How athletes might leverage the Oura ring

  • Understand how exercise protocol affects sleep patterns
  • Compare stage of training to body’s ability to recharge
  • Align exercise, mealtimes and sleep with internal clock
[26:38] The Oura ring’s ability to further a user’s understanding of nutrition

  • Document caloric intake, etc. in notes function of new version
  • More important to understand how nutrition affects hormonal balance
  • Consistent disruption of sleep signals imbalance of internal organs
[29:14] The research around Oura ring’s sleep cycle measurements

  • Accuracy confirmed by Stanford Research Institute independent study
  • Ongoing work with university hospitals, sleep centers and research organizations
  • Clinical studies to learn applications for different audiences
[34:08] What Oura ring is working on now

  • Deep personalization to improve user recovery, performance
  • Further insight around menstrual cycle, activity to pursue/avoid
[38:17] The Oura ring’s Bluetooth capability

  • Works without Wi-Fi
  • Sends data to app a few times per day
[39:42] Petteri’s take on being ‘unplugged’

  • Wearables shouldn’t require attention, interaction
[42:00] The user’s ability to share data through the app

  • Free access to data via Cloud interface
  • May share with doctor, coach

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The Power of When by Michael Breus

Stanford Research Institute’s Independent Validity Study

California Center for Sleep Disorders

Unplugged by Brian MacKenzie, Andy Galpin and Phil White

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