Health + Adventure = A Badass Life—with Adam & Vanessa Lambert – EP101

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What inspires you to work out and eat right? We know there are long-term health benefits to exercise and good nutrition, but sometimes that’s just not enough to keep us engaged. What if you knew you could use your strength, your proprioception and even the social skills you are developing through your wellness practice to embark on epic adventures? What if good health allowed you to expand what’s possible—and live a totally badass life?




Adam and Vanessa Lambert are the cocreators of Bee the Wellness, an innovative personal coaching company based in California. The pair has 10 years of experience in ancestral nutrition and training, and they are passionate about educating and empowering clients on their journeys to optimal health. Bee the Wellness offers one-on-one and group coaching as well as transformative retreats in Machu Picchu, New Zealand, Montana, Costa Rica and Africa.

Today, Adam and Vanessa join us to share their take on living a badass life. They discuss how Bee the Wellness leverages adventure to keep people engaged and expand what is possible for their tribe. Vanessa and Adam describe the upcoming Rhythmia Retreat in Costa Rica, sharing their own profound personal experiences with plant-based medicine. They also discuss the epic adventures offered through Bee the Wellness, sharing the details of the Montana Retreat at Glacier National Park. Listen in for insight on incorporating movement, mindset and mindfulness into your life and learn how to become a part of the inclusive Bee the Wellness community!

Topics Covered

[2:07] Vanessa’s health and fitness journey

  • Shy kid, put in sports to build confidence
  • Turn to physicality when face challenges
  • Early days of CrossFit, ancestral movement
[6:47] Adam’s health and fitness journey

  • Promoted to company officer of firefighters
  • Introduced S&C to improve squad abilities
  • Work with Robb Wolf (support first responders)
[10:16] The power of adventure in living a badass life

  • Source of motivation to keep people engaged
  • ‘Expand what’s possible in experience of life’
[12:29] What to expect at Rhythmia in Costa Rica

  • Plant-based medicine retreat (psychedelics)
  • Altered state for healing, spiritual development
[15:43] Adam’s experience with ayahuasca

  • Objective, alternate view of internal dialogue
  • Allows for fundamental shifts in perception
[19:21] How Rhythmia changed Vanessa’s life for the better

  • Realized coffee creating stress response
  • Able to easily, gently step away
[22:57] The legal issues around plant-based medicine

  • Fully legal in Costa Rica
  • Licensing process = well-monitored, safer
[23:52] Vanessa & Adam’s Montana Epic Adventure Retreat

  • Held on ranch near Glacier National Park
  • Hiking, horseback riding + custom coaching
  • Movement, mindset and mindfulness habits
[27:17] The breathing techniques Vanessa & Adam teach

  • Box Breathing, counting breaths
  • PRI and Wim Hof methods
[28:44] How Vanessa & Adam incorporate mindfulness

  • Lead guided meditations
  • ‘Infuse experience with moments of mindfulness’
[31:29] Vanessa & Adams focus on building a tribe

  • Inclusivity baked in as priority of company
  • Community pays forward, welcome newbies
[36:01] The benefit of Vanessa’s Authentic Self Program

  • Coaching to prepare for plant-medicine work
  • Additional support before and after Rhythmia

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