Finding the Best Health & Fitness Experiences—with Joe Vennare of Fitt – EP122

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We’ve all been there. You try the hot new fitness studio or vegan-friendly restaurant that’s getting a lot of buzz and you just aren’t impressed. Meanwhile, there are great gyms, healthy eats, and events that don’t get the credit they deserve. Ever wish someone else would do the legwork and create a resource around the best health and fitness opportunities in your community? Or that there was a place to share what YOU know about the local wellness scene with more people?




Joe Vennare is the cofounder and COO of Fitt, a website and mobile app that connects users with local health and fitness experiences, and Fitt Insider, a publication designed for entrepreneurs, executives and investors interested in boutique fitness, the future of foods, fitness tech and emerging wellness trends. The Fitt network currently covers 30 cities in the US, Canada and the UK, an includes a Fitt for Brands partnership platform for businesses in the health, wellness and fitness space.

Today, Joe joins us to discuss what inspired him to create Fitt with his brother, Anthony, and explain how the company has evolved. He explains how to use the site to find top studios, events and restaurants in your community, addressing what businesses can do to be featured on Fitt. Joe also shares his insight around where the health and fitness industry is headed and how technology and innovation are shaping the space. Listen in to find out how Joe’s personal approach to wellness has evolved over time and learn how YOU can contribute to the Fitt platform!

Topics Covered

[1:13] What inspired Joe to create Fitt

  • Quit job and moved home when dad diagnosed with cancer
  • Started business with brother (training and cross-fit studio)
  • Idea to connect people to health/fitness wherever they are
[5:51] Where Fitt stands today

  • 14 full-time employees do engineering + content creation
  • Hundreds of contributors on ground in 30 cities
[7:16] How to become a contributor for Fitt

[9:12] Opportunities for businesses to advertise on Fitt

[11:10] What businesses can do to be considered for Fitt features

  • Reach out to share information, i.e.: open new restaurant
  • Propose marketing trade (Fitt as media sponsor for event)
[12:28] Searching for gyms + studios on the Fitt site

  • Curated lists by city, e.g.: Best Studios in Los Angeles
  • Comprehensive list including paid placements on map
[15:26] Searching for retreats on the Fitt site

  • Mostly focused on local angle right now
  • Early stages of developing travel vertical (wellness tourism)
[19:06] Joe’s thoughts on where the fitness industry is headed

  • Fitt users search for boutique studios, plant-based eating
  • Growth of budget gyms + low-cost fitness communities
[22:33] Joe’s insight around tech and innovation in fitness

  • Connected devices, on-demand fitness apps + wearables
  • Option to work out anytime, anywhere, with any modality
[25:47] The articles Joe is most proud of

  • ‘Welcome to Rock Bottom’ (the power in starting over)
  • ‘The Peloton of X’ recognized trend to at-home workouts
[31:06] How Joe’s approach to health and fitness has evolved

  • Focus on size, strength as college football player
  • Focus on speed as multi-sport endurance racer
  • Current focus on general fitness, prioritize sleep + nutrition

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