FAQ: 90 Day Nutrition and Strength and Conditioning Program for Triathletes

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Who is this appropriate for?

Anyone who wants to perform at their best in a Triathlon and in life in general.

What’s Included?

  1. Scheduled Strength and Conditioning workouts designed around your race day for peak performance to complement your 3 discipline cardio training. Coach Ali will work with your Triathlon Coach (or program) to fill in the gaps in your regular swim/bike/run regime.
  2. The Ali Fitness App – You get access to the Ali Fitness app where your Strength and Conditioning workouts are available. Here you will be able to communicate directly to Coach Ali as well as record your body stats, see your workouts (including videos of each exercise) and check off your daily tasks (to keep you accountable).
  3. Join our private Facebook community where you can share your experience and knowledge and ask questions to Coach Ali and your fellow athletes.
  4. A 90-day online journal to track your progress and feedback from Coach Ali on your Daily Journal via email.
  5. 21 Day Transformation book detailing the fundamentals and science of the nutrition regime.
  6. Two amazing Primal Recipe Books jam-packed with delicious recipes designed to fuel your body and mind.
  7. Daily emails from Ali with new tips and motivation for each day during the first 21 days of your nutrition program.
  8. A List of Foods to Avoid and Food to Eat on the Primal Diet.
  9. A Shopping List of approved foods that you can use to make dozens of tasty recipes.
  10. A comprehensive 2-hour video lecture about the science of the 21-day challenge which you will watch before the first meeting.

Does this involve nutrition, strength and conditioning and cardio?


This program assumes you have a cardio program that covers the 3 disciplines, or even better have a Triathlon Coach. The key to becoming your optimal weight and living a healthy long life is determined 80% by what you eat, so nutrition is a big part of your success as a triathlete. Strength and Conditioning is another important component that is often overlooked by Triathletes and is taken care of for you here. I wrote about the science behind this program in my blog post “STRENGTHEN AND NOURISH YOUR BODY THE IRONMAN WAY

What is The Primal Diet?

I’m sure you have heard the phrase “greater than the sum of its parts”, well this phrase perfectly fits The Primal Diet. It is not a just a diet, but rather a lifestyle which incorporates eating with other important factors such as sleep, sun exposure, moving, playing (enjoying life) and working out. Once you have all these factors locked in, you will notice immediate changes to the way you look feel, and perform.
Nutrition –
In a nutshell though it is all about eating whole foods and “good” fats just as our ancestors did millions of years ago.
For a detailed description of the Primal Diet and how it differs to similar diets please see this blog post. – https://www.ali.fitness/7-tips-to-get-yogis-started-on-a-primal-diet/

Sleep – We focus on getting 7 to 10 hours of sleep per night

Sun – We aim to get at least 15 mins of sun a day (more in winter)

Moving – We move throughout the day not just during our exercise session

Playing – We schedule time for PLAY

Work out – As a triathlete you get plenty of this but need to make sure it is the right stuff and that is why working with a coach can be so beneficial

If I am vegan or vegetarian will this program still work for me?



What does the Strength and Conditioning program look like?

Phase 1: Base/ Acclimation

Focuses on building a fresh endurance base and muscular strength (slow and easy)

Phase 2: Strength/ Endurance phase

Increase aerobic mileage and volume of strength training (challenges triathlete to handle higher blood lactate levels)

Phase 3: Power/ Endurance

Focuses on turning strength to power (high intensity and volume)

Phase 4: Peak Power

Focuses on high-intensity intervals

Strength training is modified to turn power into speed

Phase 5: Maintenance (in-season phase)

Recommended but not mandatory

Cease strength training two weeks before race day

Do I need access to a gym or any specialized equipment?

No, BUT to get the best results we recommend it. You are able to lift heavy in the gym!

Is there a minimum level of strength and fitness?

No. All workouts have modification options, and weights can be light to start. The general rule with weights is to go as heavy as you can while maintaining form.

How much weight will I lose?

This really depends on how overweight (or not!) you are. The Primal lifestyle brings people back to their optimal weight so people who are overweight tend to lose at least 5 but normally more than 10kgs during the 21 days and then continue doing so until they reach there optimal weight. Most people lose at least a couple of kgs even if they are not classed as being overweight. See some of the results past particpants have achieved here – https://www.ali.fitness/21-day-weight-loss-coach-hong-kong-transformation

What is the schedule?

We realize that there is a lot of cardio training so 2 to 3 short sessions a week on average in the gym is ideal but this varies depending on the phase and how far away you are to race day.

What support do I receive from Ali?

  1. An initial Skype call where we create a plan and talk through the 3-month plan and how to use the Ali Fitness App.
  2. Feedback on your daily journal (optional)
  3. Answers to your questions in the private FB group
  4. Daily emails in the first 21 days to help you understand and stick to your new eating habits.

How does the community work?

We have weekly meetings over the phone, as well as the private FB group to keep each other motivated and accountable. If you are unable to make these meetings I will provide a recording for you to listen to on your own time.

Is there a money back guarantee?

YES. If you have followed the program and don’t get any results and are not satisfied, we will happily refund your money.

Can I ask you some other questions?

Call or whats app me with any other questions on +852 9013 7253 or email me at ali@ali.fitness

How do I sign up?

Click here to sign up or go through your Triathlon Coach

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