Execute AND Enjoy the Training Process with Ash Ghandehari of FitXTalks – EP84

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We endurance athletes are all about the execution. We do discipline quite well, following a training schedule that allows us to compete at the highest level. But how many of us are truly enjoying the process? What if we could challenge ourselves AND see the incredible beauty in every moment? How might that improve our overall health?




Ash Ghandehari is a former food and beverage manufacturing insider turned IRONMAN, entrepreneur, environmentalist and inspirational speaker. Ash has completed in 20 marathons and 7 IRONMAN races, including the World Championship in Kona. Inspired to replace the sugary, unhealthy drinks popular with endurance athletes, he founded Hyburst to provide a healthy alternative—and reduce the plastic waste and pollution accelerated by the food and beverage industry. Ash is also the host of the popular podcast FitXTalks and part of the HeartCore Leadership team, platforms that support Ash is his mission to help people live their miracle.

Today, Ash shares his expanded definition of fitness, explaining why finding joy in the training process is just as important as the execution. He discusses the ‘pattern interrupt’ that revealed his emptiness and disconnection and his ongoing ambition to find the meaning in each moment. Listen in to understand how Ash’s transformation improved his overall health and learn what you can do to challenge yourself AND enjoy the journey!

Topics Covered

[1:27] Ash’s introduction to fitness

  • Swim, soccer and team handball as boy
  • Father saw body/mind connection
[2:22] Ash’s training today

  • Run, cycle and swim on PCH in California
  • ‘Training for life’
[3:08] Ash’s new definition of fitness

  • More than physical wellbeing, nutrition
  • Includes relationships, expansive mind
  • ‘Live your vision’
[5:00] What Ash wishes he’d known much earlier

  • Power of meditation to envision, create
  • ‘Peace creates exponential results’
[7:47] The evolution of Ash’s LIFE acronym

  • Lasting vision
  • Integrate into life
  • Venture to do things differently
  • Execute has shifted to Enjoy
[10:12] How Ash realized something was missing

  • Meeting wife as ‘pattern interrupt’
  • Empty, alone and disconnected
  • Hypercritical of self and others
  • Search for meaning vs. meaning in each moment
[17:19] The Type A hunger for accomplishment

  • Possible to compete AND enjoy process
  • Reminder to create connection, fun
  • Ask ‘What do you really want?’
[23:28] How to create your own ‘pattern interrupt’

  • Get connected with vision, miracle
  • Surround self with honest friends who care
  • Write down where lying to self
  • Examine belief system and rebirth authenticity
[29:34] Ash’s insight on reframing success

  • Defined as accomplishments, credentials and trophies
  • Relationships, joy and passion more important
[32:38] How Ash’s transformation made him healthier

  • New neural pathways based on shift in behavior
  • Knowing you matter improves mental wellbeing
  • Relationships most important factor in longevity
[34:39] Ash’s evolving mission

  • Eliminate plastic waste for healthier world
  • Create authentic, food-based product
  • Give birth to miracles in everyone’s life
  • Encourage two-year-old version of self

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