Effort-Based Group Exercise Using Wearables—with Dave Wright of Myzone – EP117

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Perhaps the most difficult aspect of teaching in a group exercise setting is challenging ALL the participants. How do you avoid a one-size-fits-all approach that is too difficult for some, yet too easy for others? Is there a way to provide everyone with the same physiological experience? How might we leverage wearables to design a workout based on effort and customized to each individual’s maximum heart rate?




Dave Wright is the creator and CEO of Myzone, an innovative wearable heart rate based system that uses wireless technology to accurately monitor and log physical activity. He is also the CEO of Creative Fitness Marketing, a marketing solution designed to increase the membership base and profitability of health clubs—with offices in the UK, Australia and North America. A gym owner himself, Dave operates multiple health clubs across two continents and is often called upon to present at conferences like IHRSA, Filex and Club Industry. His work has been featured in international trade magazines including Workout and Health Club Management.

Today, Dave joins us to share the origin story of Myzone, explaining how the system can be used in the club environment to provide participants with a similar physiological experience. He describes how Myzone uses the HUNT formula to calculate maximum heart rate and discusses how gyms can use the Myzone Effort Points (MEPs) tracking system to motivate and reward clients. Dave also weighs in on possible alternatives to the strap and Myzone’s new 3D body scanning app. Listen in for insight around the company’s aim to integrate with any platform and learn how operators can use Myzone to its fullest potential!

Topics Covered

[1:52] Dave’s early involvement in sport

  • Grew up in Australian bush
  • Played semi-pro Aussie rules football, competitive tennis
[3:59] Dave’s enduring entrepreneurial spirit

  • Raised money for basketball court at 16
  • See problem + find solution
[6:19] The impetus for Myzone

  • Heart rate monitor for motivation + training efficiency
  • System purchased not accurate, developed own tech
[13:49] The fundamentals of the Myzone system

  • Functions as logbook of physical activity
  • Upload data to mobile phone after workout
  • Use in club environment to amplify experience
[16:34] How Myzone calculates maximum heart rate

  • Uses HUNT formula (age-predicted max heart rate)
  • Resets if user sustains higher heart rate during session
  • Trainer can reduce to true reflection of user
[20:06] The benefit of using zones in a group class

  • All participants get effective, custom workout
  • Provide same physiological experience (focus on effort)
[24:39] The Myzone Effort Points (MEPs) tracking system

  • 50—60% = 1 point
  • 60—70% = 2 points
  • 70—80% = 3 points
  • > 80% = 4 points
[29:17] Dave’s insight around alternatives to the strap

  • Wrist-based devices inaccurate
  • Myzone developing sports bra, shirts
  • Eventually chip imbedded in skin
[33:20] Myzone’s aim to be the data collection device of choice

  • App for Apple, Android and Samsung watches
  • Integrates will nearly all platforms
[38:53] How to obtain a Myzone belt

  • Buy online or through facility
[41:59] How operators can use Myzone to its fullest potential

  • Myzone U education course
  • Use to offer boutique-style training
  • Works well in cycling, group ex + group cardio classes
[46:00] Using Myzone data as an awards system

  • Gym issue MEPs challenges, competitions
  • Access data to reward customers
[46:55] What’s in the works at Myzone

  • Just launched 3D body scanning app
  • Whatsapp-style messaging for training groups
  • Help operators identify behavior changes

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