Cutting-Edge Home Health Testing—with Dr. Christopher Mason of Onegevity – EP133

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Home health testing is all the rage. But which one of the many services available provides the most accurate results? And is there a platform with more to offer than information? A platform that delivers actionable advice for solving your health challenges or improving your performance?




Dr. Christopher Mason is an Associate Professor at Weill Cornell Medicine and Cofounder of Onegevity Health, a platform designed to empower individuals to maintain optimal health by democratizing access to actionable information from leading-edge biomedical research. Dr. Chris earned his BS in Genetics and Biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and his PhD in Genetics from Yale.

On this episode of Ali Fitness, Dr. Chris joins us to discuss what differentiates Onegevity from other genetic testing services. He explains why the team started with Gutbio and walks us through the process of testing your gut microbiome with a Onegevity kit. Dr. Chris also offers insight around Onegevity’s products in development, including Performbio for athletes and Fembio for women. Listen in to understand who can benefit from using their health intelligence platform and learn what Onegevity has to offer in terms of genetically tailored products and actionable results!

Topics Covered

[1:13] The fundamentals of Onegevity Health

  • Health intelligence platform
  • Measure, monitor and act on info re: molecular profile
  • Microbiome, genetics/DNA + blood
[3:07] What differentiates Onegevity from other genetic testing

  • Actionable and specific, customized plan for individual
  • Uses more precise shotgun sequencing (vs. 16S) and AI
[9:22] Why Onegevity Health started with Gutbio

  • Easy to collect sample, know system well
  • Plastic part of biology (modify + improve)
[10:22] Who should use Onegevity Health testing

  • Healthy and curious, want to improve performance
  • Suffer from dysbiosis, IBS or IBD
  • Recovering from recent traumatic condition
[12:10] The Onegevity Health results report

  • Reviewed by physician but anyone can understand
  • Suggests genetically tailored products to resolve issues
[13:13] Onegevity Health’s partnership with Thorne supplements

  • Trusted by physicians, professional athletes
  • Systematic research to quantify what works
[17:30] Onegevity’s forthcoming Performbio for athletes

  • Look at nutrition, training load, stress and sleep
  • Incorporate data from wearables (e.g.: Fitbit)
[20:22] Where Onegevity Health is available

  • Expanding network of physicians in 42 states
  • Partnership with Kirin for Japanese market
[22:04] Onegevity’s OneDraw blood collection device

  • Must be supervised by healthcare professional
[22:30] What’s next for Onegevity Health

  • Fembio for issues specific to women’s health
[25:23] How to test your gut microbiome with Onegevity

  • Order kit online (routed through physician)
  • Collect and send stool sample
  • Receive report via email or app
[29:46] Dr. Chris’ insight around food sensitivities

  • Low-level exposure reduces risk of allergy later
  • In early days of predicting and understanding
[32:19] How to measure quality in at-home health testing

  • ‘Proof is in the phenotype’ (how people feel)
  • Use tool like Lab100 to quantify what works
[34:22] Why Dr. Chris believes Onegevity is the best

  • Use cutting-edge, modern methods
  • Most extensive phenotyping platform that exists

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