Cultivating Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence—with Josh Trent of Wellness Force – EP123

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What does wellness mean to you?  Josh Trent contends that it’s about more than our physical and emotional health. Yes, it’s important to have a strong body and mind. And it doesn’t hurt to be surrounded by people who care about us. But to achieve true wellness, Josh believes that our spiritual health is vital. In fact, it’s the only way we can live our truth and lead with our hearts.




Josh is the creator of Wellness Force Media and the host of Wellness Force Radio, one of the top-ranked podcasts on iTunes. Josh has published 300-plus high-level interviews with thought leaders in the realm of health, wellness and self-development, and he has been featured on Onnit, Spartan and SealFit, among many other wellness media outlets. Josh is also the CEO of Civilized Caveman, a platform providing practical solutions around wellness, nutrition and personal growth.

Today, Josh joins us to discuss the WHY behind Wellness Force, explaining how he used food to deal with difficult emotions as a kid and what inspired him to drop everything and dive into health and nutrition. Josh also describes the value of breathwork and meditation in making decisions about what your body needs and shares his take on why many fitness professionals evolve to embrace a spiritual way of being. Listen in for Josh’s advice on how to choose a healing retreat and learn how to cultivate the physical, emotional and spiritual intelligence that define true wellness!

Topics Covered

[2:22] Josh’s journey to creating Wellness Force

  • Used food to deal with difficult emotions as kid
  • 280 lbs. at age 21 (‘there’s more to life than this’)
  • Dove into nutrition, health + became trainer
  • Return to corporate America but fired in 2014
  • Courage to answer call to create WF
[11:38] The 3 phases of intelligence

  1. Acquire knowledge
  2. Apply information
  3. Embodiment (living library)
[17:16] The journey to self-love

  1. Develop self-awareness
  2. Inventory of what’s true
  3. Inspired action
[22:28] What Josh has learned about bringing health into fitness

  • Relearn how to love body
  • Morning check-in re: what need most
[24:45] Josh’s tips for getting in tune with your body

  • Start with stillness practice (i.e.: breathwork, meditation)
  • Then make decisions in alignment with feeling
[28:21] Josh’s experience with SealFit 20X

  • Inspired to push body, see what capable of
  • Learn to serve others in suffering
[34:05] Josh’s recommendations for healing retreats

  • 3-day silent meditation OR full-day breathwork immersion
  • Go to plant medicine only when feel calling
[37:34] How Josh would change the wellness industry

  • Deeper transparency
  • Integrity between on- and off-camera personality
[38:25] Josh’s approach to authenticity on social media

  • Go toward things fear most (intimate, raw and real)
  • Share MORE than beautiful, positive and perfect
[41:51] Josh’s definition of wellness

  • Lives as axis of physical, emotional and spiritual
  • Eat, move, sleep + thoughts, feelings, actions

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