Ciaran Hussey Talks Pain Relief and Increased Energy Via Float Therapy – EP011

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As athletes, we often have difficulty slowing down.  Yet we know that our health depends on recovery and that adopting a meditation practice reduces anxiety and improves focus. If the word ‘rest’ isn’t part of your vocabulary, consider implementing REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique) in the form of float therapy.




Ciaran Hussey is the co-founder of Hong Kong’s first float therapy center, Float On Hong Kong. After eight years in the food and beverage industry, Ciaran needed a change. Inspired by Joe Rogan’s podcast, he researched the benefits of floating and traveled to Bangkok to experience it for himself. Ciaran found float therapy life-changing, and he made the decision to bring the concept to Hong Kong.

Today Ciaran outlines the fundamentals of floating, explaining its benefits for both physical and mental health. Listen and learn how to employ float therapy to mitigate pain and boost your energy and focus!

Topics Covered

[1:53] Float Therapy FAQs

  • Bath of warm water with 500 kg Epsom salt
  • Absorb magnesium through skin
  • Buoyancy allows body to float, decompress
  • Cut down sensory input
  • REST triggers parasympathetic nervous system
[3:36] Why claustrophobia should not prevent you from trying float therapy

  • Claustrophobia activated when lose control
  • You have control of environment in float tank (e.g.: door, light)
[4:41] A typical float session

  • 60, 90 or 120 minutes
  • Most fall into meditative state or sleep
  • Unique experience for each person, every time
[5:43] The appropriate frame of mind for floating

  • Will benefit regardless of emotional state
  • Float On allows you to reset with intention card
[8:15] Barriers to receiving maximum benefit of float therapy the first time

  • Uncomfortable doing nothing, being with yourself
  • Layers of tension release with practice
  • Gain self-awareness with repetition
[9:06] How float therapy complements a meditation practice

  • Brain waves slow down naturally
  • Takes meditation to next level (Meditation 2.0)
[10:15] Additional benefits of floating

  • Pain relief
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Lower stress, anxiety, depression
  • Increased positivity, focus
[11:15] Why top athletes employ float therapy

  • Recovery (absorption of magnesium)
  • Mental preparation
[12:28] Patients who benefit from float therapy

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Cancer patients enduring chemotherapy
[13:11] Dr. Justin Feinstein’s research re: float therapy to treat anxiety

  • MRI scan before, during and after float
  • Fires same parts of brain as anti-anxiety medication
[14:20] Circumstances under which you should not float

  • Serious cuts, grazes and open wounds
  • Very low blood pressure
[15:17] The post-float glow

  • Feel energized, euphoric
  • Experience ‘mental flossing’
[16:24] The differences among float therapy centers

  • Relatively new industry, recent exponential growth
  • Float On provides one-on-one coaching before and time to reflect after
[18:32] How often you should float to receive maximum benefit

  • Ciaran recommends two times a week for increased energy, focus and positivity
[19:00] How much a floating session costs

  • $300/float for members (Hong Kong dollars)
  • $630 for single session
  • Similar price as Chinese massage
  • 15% off first purchase for Ali Fitness podcast listeners

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