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Eric Remensperger thought he was immune from chronic health problems. He had been living what he thought was a healthy lifestyle for well over a decade when he was diagnosed with stage-4 prostate cancer. Had his efforts at health and wellness been a waste of time?




After the shock wore off, Eric made the decision to fight. He would do whatever it took to heal himself. Eric read everything he could find in the realm of cancer treatment, the source of cancer, traditional medicine, and functional medicine—and a plan began to take shape. He would put together a team of flexible practitioners and explore techniques like ozone exposure, adrogen deprivation, and intermittent fasting, choosing only those options that had some evidence of effectiveness AND addressed the underlying cause of cancer.

Today, Eric shares the story of his health journey, explaining his shift from ‘the farthest thing from healthy’ to gym rat and holistic health devotee to unsuspecting cancer patient. He walks us through the two theories around the cause of cancer, arguing in favor of the alternative view that the disease is caused by a defect in cellular response. Eric describes his experience of receiving a prostate cancer diagnosis and the subsequent steps he took to recruit a team of practitioners and jumpstart the healing process. Listen in for Eric’s insight on making a lifestyle adjustment in order to fight cancer and learn how he employed detoxification, diet and oxidative therapies to reach remission in just seven months.

Topics Covered

[1:42] Eric’s health story

  • Workaholic, heavy smoker until 1992
  • Moved to LA and became gym rat
  • Discovered acupuncture, holistic health
  • Interest in nutrition, meditation, sleep, etc.
  • Experimented with several diets
  • Diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2016
[8:14] The two theories around what causes cancer

  • Western medicine—DNA defect in genome
  • Alternative theory—defect in cellular response
  • Lifestyle choices determine which genes get turned on/off
[13:28] How many practitioners subscribe to the alternative theory

  • Less than 1% of traditionally oncologists (must use standard of care)
  • Only integrative doctors consider alternative treatment protocol
[19:51] Eric’s experience of learning he had cancer

  • Urologist called at 8pm with diagnosis
  • Numb initially, very emotional when shock wore off
  • Two days to get out of funk, decided to take charge
  • Study through lens of Chinese medicine (root chakra)
  • Prepared to fight after five days
[29:21] How Eric chose a team of practitioners

  • Interviewed six oncologists total
  • Found doctor willing to be flexible
[34:04] How Eric went from cancering to healing

  • Oxidative therapies (hyperbaric oxygen, ozone exposure and high-dose vitamin C)
  • Supplements (e.g.: IP-6, B-17, arteminsinin, etc.)
  • Therapeutic keto diet
  • Detoxification by way of lymphatic system
  • Infrared sauna
  • Intermittent fasting
[42:55] Eric’s advice for patients with a cancer diagnosis

  • Adjust lifestyle first (nutrition, stress and sleep)
  • Seek out hyperbaric chamber
  • Get sugar out of system, hydrate
  • Consider plant-based or keto diet
  • Find team of good doctors but do own research
[48:34] Eric’s take on healing retreats

  • Valuable to kickstart major shift in diet
  • Experienced IPT chemo available in Germany

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