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We tend to associate biohacking with expensive gadgets. But the truth is, some of the best things you can do for your health cost nothing at all. On this episode of Ali Fitness, we hack the biohacker, picking the brain of a master to find out how to feel our best—without breaking the bank!




Thaddeus Owen is a master biohacker and blogger with Primal Hacker and Eris Fit. He is also a certified Bulletproof Coach with a Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition as well as a certified personal trainer. Thaddeus began his career as a chemical engineer, working for a traditional pharmaceutical company. Eventually, he left the corporate lifestyle for a work-from-home job as Chief Sustainability Engineer and Product Stewardship Manager for Herman Miller, identifying non-toxic products to use in furniture construction. He continues to work full-time while studying biohacking and sharing his knowledge of health, longevity and cognitive enhancement with the Primal Hacker audience.

Today, Thaddeus shares his top three no-brainer biohacks: morning sunlight, sleep and clean water. He explains the impact of blue LED light on sleep and offers advice around the best lights for the bedroom and proven brands of blue light blocking glasses. Thaddeus walks us through the pros and cons of SARMs, smart drugs and nootropics, describing his experience testing Qualia for the Neurohacker Collective. Listen in for Thaddeus’ insight on how to research psychedelics and get his top advice for aspiring biohackers!

Topics Covered

[0:58] Thaddeus’ shift from pharmaceuticals to biohacking

  • Studied chemical engineering, worked in traditional setting
  • Shift to run sustainability group (nontoxic products in furniture)
  • Works from home as corporate manager + biohacking business
[5:00] Thaddeus’ top three free no-brainer biohacks

  1. Morning sunlight
  2. Optimal sleep
  3. Clean water
[8:02] Where to find filtered water

  • Free at Find a Spring
  • Countertop or under-sink reverse osmosis water filter
[10:52] How to store spring water

  • Glass leaches least but no UV
  • Plastic allows UV but can be toxic
  • Look for HDPE or polypropylene
  • Avoid BPA, BPS and BPC
[13:21] The impact of blue LED light on sleep

  • Signals body to stop melatonin production
  • Melatonin hormone rejuvenates during sleep
[16:47] The lights Thaddeus recommends for the bedroom

  • No lights in bedroom after sunset, use red flashlight/headlamp
  • Incandescent light inside piece of salt (i.e.: salt rock lamps)
  • Replace bulbs with red-coated incandescent or LED bulbs
[20:38] Thaddeus’ insight on the best lights for a gym or studio

  • LED lights at 2600 Kelvin (lowest amount of blue)
  • Mix energy-efficient halogen lights to mimic sun
  • Add red and infrared bulbs to balance
[22:59] Thaddeus’ advice for protecting yourself from blue light

  • Utilize blue light blocking glasses, work out near window
  • Protect skin with baseball cap, long sleeves and pants
[25:37] Thaddeus’ picks for blue light blocking glasses

[30:00] The fundamentals of SARMs

  • Mimic testosterone without downside (gain muscle, lose fat)
  • Few long-term studies, may slow down natural T production
[33:31] The fundamentals of true nootropics

  • Natural, little to no side effects
  • Help brain work faster and more efficiently
[35:14] Thaddeus’ insight around Qualia

  • Benefits for mental and physical enhancement
  • Recommends for targeted use (i.e.: before presentations)
  • Side effects—headaches, jittery or no effect
[40:26] Thaddeus’ take on psychedelics

  • Help overcome long-term emotional issues
  • Examples—PTSD, anxiety or depression
  • Micro-doses have no hallucinogenic effect
[43:03] The best way to approach research on psychedelics

  • Local meetup groups, university professors
  • Resources by Dennis McKenna
  • Private conversations at retreats, conferences
[46:07] Thaddeus’ top advice for aspiring biohackers

  • Willing to learn, change opinion based on new info
  • Experiment to find what works for you

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