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As endurance athletes, we are good at goals. We know what it takes to prepare for a race, building a step-by-step plan to achieve a certain result. But what happens if you fall short? Do you see the experience as a failure? Or can you make the mindset shift to treat life like an adventure and truly enjoy the journey—whether or not the execution was perfect?




RAD Monika is a speaker, author and entrepreneur. She runs RAD Potential Coaching, a practice that focuses on authenticity and natural strengths. Monika combines the lessons learned from her unique experience as an IT management consultant and successful cyclist to empower her audience to reach their potential. She is also a multiple academic and athletic scholarship recipient, former Division I Volleyball player, and professional cyclist and adventure racer. Perhaps most notably, Monika set a world record in cycling, becoming the first female in history to complete the Vuelta a España.

Today, Monika joins us to share her experience as the first woman to ride the Vuelta a España, explaining how she trained for the event and what motivated her to take on the challenge. She discusses the women’s empowerment workshops she offers, sharing her top 5 strategies for gaining respect and excelling in any environment. Listen in for Monika’s insight on viewing life as an adventure and learn why life is about the journey—not perfect execution.

Topics Covered

[0:58] Monika’s fitness journey

  • Played college volleyball in US on scholarship
  • Started adventure racing, excelled at cycling
[2:11] Monika’s experience riding the Vuelta a España

  • Rode every stage hours before male professionals
  • 3,300 km ride, first woman in history to complete
  • Inspire others to go after big challenges
[4:31] Why Grand Tour races are not open to women

  • Media concerns re: interest in televised event
  • Men faster while women excel in endurance
[6:44] How Monika trained for the Vuelta a España

  • No structured training (keep it fun)
  • Ate local food, drank water during ride
[9:44] Monika’s view of competitive races

  • UCI in Philadelphia, Netherlands
  • Prefers mental aspect of ultra-endurance races
[10:47] Monika’s next big challenge

  • 330 km ride, 12K-meter climb in Andorra
  • Goal to finish in 24 hours (fastest male 18 hours)
[12:06] The theme of Monika’s book

  • Okay to fail, doubt and make mistakes
  • See life as adventure to appreciate experience
[14:10] Monika’s focus on women’s empowerment

  • Experience in male-dominated fields (IT, cycling)
  • Able to gain respect and be seen as equal
  • Share lessons with women who want to excel
[16:10] Monika’s top 5 strategies for gaining respect

  1. Be real, authentic
  2. Focus on self (vs. comparison)
  3. Work hard to achieve best version of self
  4. Don’t make self inferior
  5. Stay true to morals
[18:33] The audience for Monika’s empowerment workshops

  • Corporations interested in workplace equality
  • Individuals aspire to excel in any environment
[20:55] Monika’s take on the fitness and health of pro cyclists

  • All must be very fit
  • Health very individual
[21:51] Monika’s systems of training and recovery

  • No coach, believes in listening to body
  • 5 rides/week (with male pros on Saturday)
  • 8 hours of sleep every night
[24:49] Monika’s strength training routine

  • Leg day on Mondays
  • Upper body on Wednesdays
[27:08] Monika’s thoughts on competitive cycling

  • Prefers to create own challenges
  • Compete against self
[29:10] Monika’s advice for Ali Fitness listeners

  • Goals important to give sense of focus
  • Individual journey MOST important
  • Make life adventure (not about perfect execution)

Learn More About Monika Sattler

RAD Potential Coaching

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Unleashing the Devil in You: A Raw, Unfiltered Story About Adventure, Failure and the Pursuit of a Seemingly Impossible Dream by Monika Sattler

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