Becoming a Certified Health Coach—with Laura Rupsis & Erin Power of PHCI – EP95

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Are you working a stressful day job that doesn’t light you up anymore? Are you thinking about making your commitment to health and fitness a career, but not sure where to start? Are you interested in helping people make transformational change in their lives? If so, pursuing a health coach training certification may be the right first step.




Laura Rupsis serves as Sales Manager and Erin Power is Product Manager at Primal Health Coach Institute, an elite coaching certification program that supports health advocates in building careers that inspire others to live lives of vitality and lasting wellness. The curriculum not only educates students around the principles of ancestral health and the science of physiology, but also teaches strategies for marketing and building a successful health coaching business.

Today, Laura and Erin join us to discuss the role of a health coach, explaining how they go beyond WHAT to do and teach people HOW to implement a health plan in their daily lives. They describe what a day-in-the-life of a health coach might look like, how long it takes to build a successful full-time practice, and the steps involved in becoming a certified health coach. Listen in for insight around the ongoing support that differentiates PHCI from other certification programs and learn how to take the first step to invest in a potential new career as a health coach!

Topics Covered

[2:12] The role of a health coach

  • Conduit for healthy change
[4:20] How a health coach differs from a doctor or dietician

  • Teach people HOW to implement in real lives
  • Nurture through identity-based change
[9:01] How a health coach differs from a life coach

  • Specific focus on health transformation
  • Every aspect of life impact health (i.e.: sleep, stress)
[13:15] A day-in-the-life of a health coach

  • Individual and group coaching calls
  • Marketing, business aspects of job
  • Build practice to model lifestyle
[17:45] How long it takes to build a practice

  • Expect 3 years to support self full-time
  • Many ‘cobble together’ income at first
[21:56] The steps involved in becoming a health coach

  1. Recognize desire for change and commit to next step
  2. Find program rooted in beliefs, identify weaknesses
  3. Build coaching skill set AND learn entrepreneurship
  4. Start talking and building following (share free info)
[27:39] What differentiates PHCI from other programs

  • Clear identity in alignment with ancestral beliefs
  • Teaches how to build business, marketing strategy
[33:50] The value of one-on-one experience with clients

  • Testimonials, success stories build credibility
[36:36] The ongoing support offered by PHCI

  • Facebook community of students and graduates
  • Ongoing education through mastermind group
[41:30] The first step for people considering health coaching

  • Honest conversation with someone who’s been there
  • View training as INVESTMENT rather than risk

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Ali Fitness Podcast is brought to you by‘s 28-Day Lifestyle Liberation program.

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