Awakening to Your Highest Potential Through Ayahuasca—with John Jacob Mubarak of Rythmia – EP108

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Most of us check the reviews before we say YES to a new experience, especially if that experience involves our health and wellbeing. If you look at the reviews for Rythmia, 93.26% of the resort’s guests report a life-changing miracle during their stay, and when polled six months after the experience, 97% indicate that the ayahuasca experience changed their life. So, what is involved in the Rythmia program? How is it different from other plant medicine retreats? And what do guests have to say about what they experienced?




John Jacob Mubarak is the Assistant Director of Rythmia Life Advancement Center, a medically-licensed, life-transforming, luxury health and wellness center in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Rythmia’s team of naturopathic healers, health specialists and spiritual teachers work together to create integrative programs that provide a complete renewal of mind, body and spirit. John also serves as a licensed spiritual practitioner, having studied at The Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, California.

Today, John joins us to share the idea behind Rythmia, explaining the program’s intention to help clients awaken to their highest potential. He describes the experience of ayahuasca, discussing the principle of ‘seeing who you’ve become’ and the significance of its ceremonial setting. John also offers insight into umbilical cord stem cell therapy, exploring who would benefit from the treatment. Listen in for the stories of four women who had transformative experiences at the recent Majesty Week at Rythmia and learn how plant medicine facilitated the healing that changed their lives!

Topics Covered

[2:23] John Jacob’s path to Rythmia

  • Worked as sales manager of yacht club
  • Opportunity for spiritual salesperson at stem cell clinic
  • Felt called for something more, met Gerard Powell
[7:59] The fundamentals of Rhythmia

  • Combines ancient wisdom + modern healing techniques
  • Awaken to highest potential and create live you love
[10:36] Why the Rythmia experience stays with you

  • See who you’ve become as result of split
  • Merge back with soul into wholeness
[18:19] The principle of seeing who you’ve become through ayahuasca

  • Eliminates questions and leads to deep knowing
  • Allows light of eternal wisdom to shine through
[25:29] The fundamentals of ayahuasca

  • Ancient indigenous plant medicine (leaf + vine)
  • Acts as self-guide into consciousness
  • High-intensity work that can involve purging
[31:21] The significance of the ceremonial setting of ayahuasca

  • Clear intention adds level of awareness
  • Guided by shaman in protected environment
[37:26] John Jacob’s insight on umbilical cord stem cell therapy

  • Powerful in helping people heal from chronic pain
  • Communicate with existing cells to ‘act younger’
[43:25] How umbilical cord stem cells differ from muscle and fat

  • Invasive and painful to get muscle and fat tissue
  • Mut be manipulated before use and cells aged
[51:41] Boniquca’s experience at Rythmia

  • Connected with Christ consciousness + mission as healer
  • Continue to see invisible connections between people
  • Ayahuasca gave clarity of purpose as healer and channel
[1:05:51] Geri’s experience at Rythmia

  • Inner search for healing from husband’s infidelity
  • Ayahuasca led to profound visions + ‘psychic surgery’
  • Realized intention to become healer
[1:18:21] Kara’s experience at Rythmia

  • Spider bite, autoimmune issues inspired to try plant medicine
  • Ayahuasca purged anger + words swallowed to be ‘good girl’
  • See beauty and connection in all things
[1:28:34] Melissa’s experience at Rythmia

  • Ayahuasca uncovered traumatic events she had blocked out
  • Able to release anxiety and feel new lightness in body
  • Feels shift in view of self + realizes new capabilities

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