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As endurance athletes, we are well aware of the benefits of resistance training but carving out the time can be difficult—and choosing the right weight is often a guessing game. What if there was a way to train in only 8 minutes once a week, using technology that adapts to provide the perfect amount of resistance?




Mike Pullano is the Product and Fulfillment Manager at ARX Fit. ARX is the acronym for ‘adaptive resistance exercise,’ and the Austin-based company builds machines and software that facilitate motorized resistance capable of matching the force of any user for the perfect rep every time. ARX Fit is on a mission to shorten the amount of time it takes to work out and offer the safest and most effective form of resistance training on the market.

Today, Mike shares his personal journey to discovering ARX, explaining how an injury to his Achilles tendon ignited an interest in biomechanics and physiology. He walks us through his initial resistance training protocol, discussing how his routine and performance changed after he transitioned to ARX. Mike describes how the ARX machines work, what differentiates them from the competition, and who can benefit from the resistance training ARX provides. He offers insight around why ARX is billed as the safest way of weight training and how to adapt an ARX workout based on your personal goals. Listen in for Mike’s take on choosing equipment for a studio and learn where to find ARX machines in your area!

Topics Covered

[1:05] Mike’s journey to ARX

  • Ballistic training, tore Achilles tendon playing basketball
  • Studied biomechanics and physiology
  • Followed 4-Hour Body protocol and it worked
  • Used early prototype of ARX, blown away in one session
[6:37] Mike’s initial resistance training protocol

  • Minimum amount for maximum results
  • A/B routine of 2-3 exercises twice/week
  • Choose arbitrary weight, go as long as possible
[8:38] Mike’s resistance training goals

  • Increase weight, reps and time under load
  • ‘Weakest point became ceiling’
[12:20] How the ARX machines work

  • Adaptive, uses motor vs. static weight
  • User creates force against motor
  • Software tracks resistance in real time
[14:11] How ARX changed Mike’s training

  • Put on 7 pounds of lean muscle mass
  • Max force output increase of 100-180%
  • 8-minute workout every Thursday
[18:36] The advantages of using an ARX machine

  • Deeper level of fatigue than weight-stack machine
  • All benefits of pressing and resisting
[21:40] Mike’s dramatic increase in strength

  • Numbers on old machines up 20-30%
  • Added muscle mass (DEXA scan)
[23:13] Who might benefit from using ARX machines

  • Goal to build muscle mass, bone mineral density
  • Tendon, ligament stiffness for injury prevention
[25:08] Why ARX machines are the safest way of weight training

  • Machine moves at speed, range of motion you choose
  • Removes potential for weight stack to fall on user
  • Select resistance in moment
[28:43] How to adapt an ARX workout based on personal goals

  • Simplify, use isometrics for bone density
  • Positive/pushing only (i.e.: glycogen depletion)
  • Body builder might choose negative only
[30:44] The scientific studies around ARX

  • Extensive research on eccentric training
[32:20] How ARX is different from other machines

  • Best MedX doesn’t adjust to fatigue
  • ARX provides much value in very small space
  • Software provides different ways to motivate
[37:40] Mike’s take on choosing equipment for a studio

  • Tools up to individual practitioner
  • ‘Not just about resistance training’
  • ARX could serve as foundational piece
[40:06] Where to find ARX machines in your area

  • Google ARX + your city
  • Studios lease machines

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Body by Science: A Research Based Program for Strength Training, Body Building, and Complete Fitness in 12 Minutes a Week by John R. Little and Doug McGuff


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