Achieving Optimal Health with Biorna Quantics CEO Dr. Justin Gregory- EP038

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“At the moment, our approach to health is very much ‘wait for bad things to happen and then fix it.’ We don’t want you to break in the first place.”




Dr. Justin Gregory is the founder and CEO at Biorna Quantics, an online platform that allows users to measure 400-plus biomarkers key to optimal performance and prevent ill health before it happens. Dr. Gregory earned his DPhil Anthropology from Oxford in 2013. He is a published author and frequent presenter at international conferences in Europe, America and Asia. Dr. Gregory also happens to be a black belt judo player and a former member of the British Judo Squad. He was the 2013 International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation Pan-American Champion and bronze medalist at the 2017 HK National Powerlifting Championships.

Today Dr. Gregory shares the inspiration behind creating Biorna Quantics, explaining how the platform helps users ‘own their health.’ He walks us through the process of using the platform and the personalized meal plans it generates. Dr. Gregory discusses how Biorna Quantics differs from seeing a doctor and offers his take on the technology behind the platform. Listen in to understand how the Biorna Quantics app tracks your HRV, sleep and mood, using a compliance metric to help you achieve optimal performance.

Topics Covered

[1:05] Why Dr. Gregory created Biorna Quantics

  • Allow better access to health, ability to act
  • Very personalized, accounts for differences among people
  • Understand impact of stress on body
  • Create optimal environment for adaptation

 [6:00] How the Biorna Quantics platform works

  • Appraisal through website (habits, lifestyle, stress triggers)
  • Receive package of recommended tests within 48 hours
  • Results take 4-17 days
  • Consultation with in-house team available
[09:01] How Biorna Quantics is different from seeing a doctor

  • Much lighter in terms of time
  • Interpretation of data more informative
  • Interventions spelled out
[11:34] The Biorna Quantics approach to nutrition

  • Measures 400 biomarkers
  • Tailor meal plan for you
  • Option to make yourself (with instructional videos)
  • Option to purchase from kitchen for delivery
[15:05] Popular testing kits offered by Biorna Quantics

  • GI Microbial Assay
  • DNA Testing
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Body Composition Profile
[18:55] How the Biorna Quantics app tracks HRV

  • EKG technology (chest band) to quantify stress
  • Higher HRV associated with longevity, willpower
  • Body in best condition to respond to stress
[21:12] Other factors tracked by the Biorna Quantics app

  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Mood
  • Muscle soreness
[22:11] How the Biorna Quantics app holds you accountable

  • Tracks progress via compliance metric
  • Highly modifiable exercise schedule
[23:21] The affordability of the Biorna Quantics service

  • Some tests might be claimed on insurance
  • ‘Light on pocket’ compared to private clinic
  • Save money buying unnecessary supplements
  • Provides educational resource, super-practitioner
[25:44] Dr. Gregory’s take on the technology behind Biorna Quantics

  • Human logic coded into platform
  • Offers objective perspective
  • Way to ‘democratize science’
  • Affords numbers-based picture, actionable advice

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