A Plant-Based Approach to Treating Skin Issues—with Dr. Michele Burklund of Puriya – EP124

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“The skin is a mirror for your overall health, and it’s your largest organ. You absorb everything. What you put on your body, what you put in your body—we really value here.”




Dr. Michele Burklund is the Chief Scientific Officer at Puriya, a line of plant-based healthcare products that combine ancient wisdom with modern science to treat a wide range of skin ailments. Dr. Burklund’s role on the Puriya team involves medical research and product development. An internationally recognized naturopathic doctor, speaker and blogger, Dr. Burklund is a graduate of the prestigious Bastyr University where she specialized in neurology, psychology and women’s health.

Today, Dr. Burklund joins us to discuss her current work at Puriya to reformulate their product line and create supplements that address the root cause of skin issues like eczema, psoriasis and acne. She shares Puriya’s commitment to sourcing high-quality, certified organic ingredients and thorough testing on large sample groups. Dr. Burklund also weighs in on the natural way to detox from chlorine and the debate around sunscreen. Listen in for Dr. Burklund’s insight on choosing safe, sustainable products and learn what your skin can tell you about your overall health!

Topics Covered

[1:59] Dr. Burklund’s journey to Puriya

  • Dad’s brain cancer led to interest in medicine
  • Studied natural health at Bastyr University
  • Role involves research + botanical medicine
[4:24] Dr. Burklund’s current work at Puriya

  • Reformulate products, create supplements
  • Collaborate with Science Advisory Board
[6:00] How Puriya sources its ingredients

  • Focus on high quality and potency
  • Plant-based, natural treatments backed by science
[10:30] Puriya’s approach to product testing

  • Work with chemist to test on large sample groups
  • Solicit feedback from customers
[11:46] Why Puriya is working toward 100% certified organic

  • Important to customers with sensitive skin
  • Manufacturers tend to be of higher quality
[13:30] Dr. Burklund’s take on preservatives

  • Required by regulations for OTC compliance
  • Working to find plant-based alternatives
[15:24] The skin issues Puriya products treat

  • Eczema, psoriasis and acne
  • Rashes, fungal infections and dandruff
[16:25] How to detox from chlorine

  • Sweating = natural way to detox
  • Liver support
[17:54] How often to clean your skin

  • Depends on level of activity and skin type
  • Choose gentle cleanser over harsh products
[20:20] Dr. Burklund’s advice around makeup

  • Look for plant-based, no harsh chemicals
  • Check products on EWG website
[23:44] Dr. Burklund’s thoughts on sunscreen

  • Sun can damage exposed skin but need vitamin D
  • Use mineral sunscreen like Goop, Rash Guard shirts
[29:22] Dr. Burklund’s tips for Ali Fitness listeners

  • Pay attention to skin (mirror for overall health)
  • Juice burdock root + apple juice for clear skin
  • Infuse gotu kola in olive oil to stimulate collagen

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